Wednesday, May 31, 2006

one more thing I'm not going to be

aka a scientist.

it's boring as hell.

plus you have to actally keep a log book.


so my entire day was spent purifying less than 8 grams of protein.

so what I did yesterday was prepare for today. actually, I don't really know what I did yesterday except that it took a lot of running up and down stairs and lots of tiny amounts of stuff. and a protein gel.

so today I started with some solution of cells. minus the plasma membrane. so I guess I had one big cell. but without a plasma membrane. so actually I have no idea what I had. so first you add in some solution called PEI ( have no idea what it is or what it does.... I think she told me it precipitates the lipids out), then stir it for 1 hour, then add in ammonium sulfate (to precipitate something out.... forgot what. maybe this was the lipid.), then stir the mixture for 40min-1 hour, then balance, then centrifuge for 30 min, keep the supernatant and throw away the pellet, then add in more ammonium sulfate, then stir for 50 min, then centrifuge for 1 hour, and then throw away the supernatant and the pellet's the protein you want.

and in between all that while I was waiting for the damn centifuge I had to clean. =( it was a really dirty lab.

and I swear no one talks in that place. okay, there's not much to talk about.

but I did finish cat's cradle.

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ole ole ole ole

Bend It Like Beckham was great! but jonathan rhys-meyers runs like a girl. haha enihsnus i'll bring it to your house and we can watch it before i give it back. jehehehe

today all i did was sleep. a lot. and read half of lord of the flies. i'll probably finish the other half tonight, after elizabethtown. which i downloaded.

and i also went to piano ensemble rehearsal. and ate 10 chicken nuggets on the way =( i am so bad, eating at a non-meal time. oh well. they were yummy.

my job is to count off. so i have to either bark "one two one two" or "one two one" (if we're starting on a pick-up) -____- it gets pretty old pretty quickly

ugh life is going to be sooooo boring until june 5th seriously.

except for the sat, that will not be happy. poooo

i need to play some volleyball. mmm i would drink me a delicious smoothie if i had one.

and somebody is complaining about getting killed by a skeleton guard. whatever that is. i totally forgot. something in neoquest. which i eventually got tired of playing.

i slept too much today. i'm sleepy now.

ok so sunday. find a friend, bend it like beckham, and smoothies.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


pretty much sums up my day.

pretty much spent the day getting water, getting ice, and measuring out tiny bits of random stuff. like 0.0051 grams of NADH. =__=

I broke like every safety rule they taught us.

I was really thirsty since there was no running water in the building. they were doing renovations or whatever. so I ate some of the ice. and I'm pretty sure it wasn't clean ice because it tasted funny. oh well. and then I was sniffing all these chemicals because I forgot which one I was supposed to be measuring, but I remember it smelled really bad. and then I kept spilling stuff but I just put it back again. even though I'm pretty sure it got contaminated. plus I didn't wear close-toed shoes. or safety goggles.

ah, mrs kite and mrs biguenet would be so disappointed.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

a worthy alternative

so instead of writing a story this summer... how about I do fanart100. from lj. except on blogger. or maybe hello.


and you can even pick the fandom/characters!

so that's like... exactly 100,000 words! right? RIGHT.


and yini, you'd better be there tomorrow!

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Friday, May 26, 2006

house arrest

until further notice.


I'll see if I can go to the movies today. and/or volleyball.

but I have a cell phone again! =)

and I have this panel of alphabet stickers in front of me, and the only letters I've used are b, c, e, o, o, r, t. what could I have spelled with those letters... I think it was for mole day project...

and what time do we have to be at the CIE thing? and smu starts on tuesdayyyy. =(

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

enfer, c'est les autres

at least i wasn't walking on burning coals for two hours. but it seemed pretty damn close to me. why didn't i put on shoes? good question. but i sort of wasn't thinking about shoes when my brother started hurling things at me, and i was just a little bit afraid he was going to go for the knives. so i left without shoes, in that hot hot heat. i decided i really like people with the soft kind of grass, that fat bermuda kind. and i especially hate the pebbly sidewalks. walked down nova, down mission ridge, down sailmaker to coit, down coit until legacy. did a smart thing and got a cup of ice water at wendy's, go me. walked down legacy until tracy, walked down the street until that park, got some lukewarm water from the fountain to cool off my feet, which didn't really work. and then i walked home. and the whole time, i was wondering...did i do something wrong? is my time (and theirs) really not worth enough to give me a car? why do my "friends" prefer neopets over me? as i recall, it wasn't really even that fun. doing the same things over and over mindlessly. did i do something really, really bad to deserve the brother i have? and why is there a throbbing pain in my left heel? i found out just the answer to the last question: while i was walking through a non-paved section, i got a splinter.

and then i came home, my mother yelled at me, my dad asked why i had to pick up the phone that made my brother mad, i wandered aimlessly, and then i sightread for 3 hours. what an exciting way to spend the last freaking day of school. highlight of the day: the guy at wendy's put ice in the cup even though i didn't ask for it.

but i suppose, if other parents can forgive drivers who've killed their children, i should have enough grace in me to forgive something that is like 1/1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 as serious as that transgression.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


hmm lisa wants our day of fun to be next week, which is fiiiine with me =) and she said either your house or jack's. (umm one of you has a pool and the other does not. and also i have been to one of the two at least 50 times and the other just once.)

do you cry during grey's anatomy? it would make me feel a bit better if you did, i think. i cried during the season finale on monday and also the episode i just watched (damaged case or something like that. ep. 24). so there's a teardrop on my blue volunteer folder. it's shaped like one of those blood spatters we did in class, with the crenellated edges and everything. cool! i wonder where my hidden evidence book is. the only picture i couldn't stand to look at was that one really hideous burn victim one. anyway... omg this season was sooo much longer than last season, thank goodness. and thank goodness it's so popular, they could never cancel it!

sunshine did i send you snow patrol? they did a cover of crazy in love. (didy doesn't know what a cover is...i told her about it and she's like "a cover?" and then i sent it to her and she was like "are they making a mockery of it?" -____-)

OMGGGG somebody help me finish knitting the lambie pie scarf.'s like never going to end. but it's so close!! i'm just tired of knitting it. but i REALLY cannot rest until the entire ball of yarn is knitted into it. baby bee doesn't go on sale much, does it? maybe i should get some this week. chenille, i think. or whatever. i'm getting all the favorite colors of the key club officers. oddly, everyone's favorite color is either blue or pink. i also want to get a skein of that...pale green, yellow, and white. forgot what it's called, but it's so pretty! after lambie pie, i will knit playful so i can finally give those needles back to you. then i may start on the key club ones...or the pitter patter. =)))

i should totally be sleeping right now, but in less than 10 minutes, 2 more episodes of grey's anatomy will have been successfully acquired! mmm limewire.

hey, you should read How to Cook a Tart. it was frrrrrreaky. if it weren't for the last 3 chapters, i would never recommend it, but man. that was sooo weird. by the way, we should cook our own something something. i think that's what we should do tomorrow! or today, actually. i'll tell you at school tomorrow morning if i can find you. but if you're gonna be in the research room and i'm going there to turn in my bio book, we should cross paths, right?

and do you have your new phone yet?

hehe i can't wait until our day of fun! when does yini leave?

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I seriously killed my skin on monday. my poor poor skin. at least I'm not in marching band.



so why have I heard no plans, huh. huh. HUH.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

how completely unproductive

so I spent the entire day at home. to study feeseeks. and I read... three sections. haha. since 9.30. good job, sunshine.

guess what.

chicken butt.


I watched pretty woman. a 125-min movie. and somehow it took me four hours to watch.

I can't even watch a movie properly.


I've run out of things to do online. nothing appeals to me anymore! not ffn,, neopets, hp, lj, NOTHING. like whoa.

so pretty much I only enjoy the internet when I'm supposed to be doing homework.

is there some kind of disorder for that?


there's a disorder for everything.

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the picniccc

haha no one knew how to start a fire. twenty AP biology students, and we couldn't even get a damn fire started. even though we had lighter fluid, newspaper, and a lighter. how sad is that? (extremely sad.)

so I got there at 11.15, sat around for a while waiting for everyone to arrive. we played volleyball, basketball, soccer, cards, pretty much anything and everything. and then these little kids from skaggs came and took over our pavilion around noon, so we were kicked out into the burning sun. even though shep is the texas teacher of the year. we told that to the fifth grade teachers but I don't think they believed us. then we wanted to silly string them, but shep made us stop.

so we finally ate at two. har. then we went home at three. then I went to pick my brother up from rice. then I went to the library and then to bethany's house.


I've got a penchant for watching jane austen adaptations right now. I WONDER WHY. but boo, feeseeks.

someone come over thursday/friday and watch jane austen with me. pride and prejudice, emma, and sense and sensibility! okay, feeseeks for real now. (I'm still only on chapter 13!)

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light up

it feels good to have no exams left =)

physics was meh, so so. harder than i expected/hoped for. oh well. i neeeeeed a 95. please please please.

DUDE i came home and set my clock for 7:30 so i would wake up in time for the alias season finale.



yeah so that was amazing. the actual show was all right, not the best episode ever but that was ok.

i really don't want to write a story this summer T-T boooo

lisa found my phone in her car!! yay. tb test, my dad wants me to take it at the earliest time possible which means i have to wake up at 6 tomorrow. but then i can just come home and sleep again. hooray!

maybe i'll go play in the park, or go biking. or knit or read. anyone want to come with?

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Monday, May 22, 2006



I'm off to russell creek!

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

grace & sunshine... the same soul in two bodies?

fruitee spice: lalaalala
fruitee spice: i hope you haven't tried to call me
fruitee spice: i lost my phone last friday
DILAPIDATEDSHACK: I lost my phone on friday, too
fruitee spice: did you find it?
fruitee spice: whoa
fruitee spice: this is too scary
fruitee spice: have you called it?
fruitee spice: ME TOO
DILAPIDATEDSHACK: =_______________=;;;
fruitee spice: holy moly...

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

blabbety blah blah

I like Alias.

I sort of wish my physics exam had been Friday, but I probably would not have been prepared. My grades really sucked this semester. Oh well...

Many days, I wish I just lived in a nice mini mansion on a cool Caribbean beach, with one of those flat pools with a small waterfall out into the ocean and light-colored sand, but not blindingly white.

So I went to the Trinity Medical Center orientation today. Boring as hell, no cute guys (maybe there will be some returning ones that are cute? but most of the people there were brown). And now I'm doing Medical Surgery in the morning (not as cool as it sounds) and NICU in the afternoon. However, I am wheelchair certified. There are fewer wheelchair certified people than people with driver licenses, but pushing a wheelchair is easier than driving. Ok nobody told me that, but it's a pretty safe assumption to make, right?

Sark is back in season 5!! <333 heehehehe THREE HOURS OF ALIAS monday night, yo! Night after my last exam =)

Sunshine is trying to get me to read Hot Gimmick. BOOOO I am totally not an anime/manga person.

And she just told me to update. So demanding. But yes, I am not contributing nearly as much to her goal of 1000 posts.

Lauren from Alias looks like a rabbit.

Cheesecake Factory was v. good yesterday. I slept so much on Thursday...5:00 pm -1:30 am, read The Notebook and The Bridesmaid (fictionpress published and completed, yo, although I already told this to 25% of our readership. which means Sunshine. and with me inclluded, 50% of our readership already knew this) which took until 6:00 am-ish, then slept until 1:30 pm on Friday. I CLEANED MY ROOM! without my mom forcing me to. Then took a shower, then mall, then Jackie's where we tried in vain to throw Yini into the pool. I've still got a bruise and scratches on my knees, but I cleverly avoided most of the pain by staying 5 feet away at most times. She's violent. IF YOU ARE READING THIS RANDOMLY AND ARE THINKING ABOUT RAPING YINI, you're out of luck. She'll kill you before you do, unless you have a gun. Like the person in Derailed, which I watched today. Waste of time, really.

I should start knitting again!


I totally had something to say yesterday, but I can't remember it now =( should have posted.

Anyhow...summer is at hand! hooray =)

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so does anyone want to get clueless and/or mansfield park so I can watch them? =)

I got emma (1996) and shakespeare in love today. I really wanted mansfield park instead of shakespeare in love because 1) I've seen sil before and 2) it has a sad ending, but that was the last copy of sil, so I guess I can get mansfield park some other day.

someone get clueless!

I love jane austen. speaking of which, I got the jane austen book club at davis library today. hoorah. I got way too many things at davis library today. 14 items. faaaar too many.

yini and grace, you should come over someday and we'll have this crazy marathon of romantic comedies. like... when harry met sally, 10 things I hate about you, how to lose a guy in 10 days, sweet home alabama, legally blonde, emma, pride and prejudice, shakespeare in love, love actually, and some other movies I'm sure I've forgotten. intolerable cruelty? uh... and laws of attraction? =) then we can get together some other day and watch classic romances... like gone with the wind! and moulin rouge? chicago? (brokeback mountain?) I don't know those so well. I like romantic comedies. or maybe I just like romance. haha. I have a lot of romance movies.

aaaaaand I'm so excited about our biology picnic on monday!! =) I feel sorry for all the vines people who have to drive all the way to russell creek, though. haha. sucks for theeem. but man monday will be hot. even at noon. the high is 91 acc. yahoo weather, but they always underestimate, so I predict maybe 94. and we're going to play soccer and volleyball. aaah. sweat. evaporative cooling!

so get back to me about the movies. =)

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yes, today has been a pretty bad day, even with going to the mall and jackie's birthday party.

maybe it's because I'm like clinically depressed.

okay, not clinically, but constantly.


almost to the point where I'm unhappy even with friends. which kind of sucks. which kind of really sucks.

and I really do not want next year to come, at all, because then I will become even more depressed. I don't even know how I survived this school year; I swear about the time of my birthday I wanted to just move to frisco to get away from this place.

and this is why I have decided I'm going to UT. because then I can still be one of the best, I'll still be in texas (aka I won't be wanting to commit suicide in the winter), and it's so much cheaper.

so this will definitely make my whole college application process a lot easier next year.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

aww cute

okay. so my calc class pretty much rocks. =) all those calc book stacked back there... I'm so glad we have no more bookwork. so I can stop feeling guilty for not doing it. haha. Posted by Picasa

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this picture totally made my day. and isn't that an awesome origami dragon? amaaazing. and the hearts scoreboard back there. and you've gotta click on the picture to really see alex's eyes. haha.Posted by Picasa

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i hate planets. i will never be an astronaut/astronomer. i hate hate hate these stupid planets!!! >=(

DIE. i'm so freaking sleepy. i'm about to fall over. i even ate a kudos bar and was not awakened.

i'll add more later...

in the meantime, you can agree with me about how much life sucks. at least we don't have aids. one marginal benefit of our sedentary, semi-studious non-life.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm so spoiled

I'm not used to four-hour nights anymore. or even 6-hour nights.

does it bother anyone that I spelled out four but not 6?

it bothers me, but I'm too lazy to go fix it.


in february (that dreadful month), I could go for weeks on four hours a night (or even less!) and still be functioning. though I did fall asleep in calculus every day. but I still got okay grades, still did my homework, pretty much did what I was expected to do.

and now. I have one test tomorrow and one test on thursday. I have one packet due on thursday, and that's all I have for the rest of the school year. well, and an exam next wednesday. but that's ridiculous. that's like 1/20 of what I had to do on any single night in february.

okay maybe I exaggerate but I had a lot of things to do in february. those damn txfs art projects just about killed me.

so I am spoiled.

in other news, school is very odd lately. it doesn't even seem like school. for example, today. in apush I sat out and signed yearbooks. in bio I read fictionpress, sparknotes, watched grey's anatomy, played cards, and signed yearbooks. in french we did l'etranger stuff. in english we watched a movie. in calculus we played careds and talked. in physics I read stuff about uranus and neptune and fictionpress. after school I went to the math club party, ate chips and pizza and cauliflower and broccoli, then grace and I went to haggard library.

how the hell is that even school.

and it also bothers me how I switched from first person to second person halfway through my recollection of the day then switched back to first person. oh well.

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Monday, May 15, 2006

still alive and kicking

okay, so I had a confrontation with didy (which I inititated; I'm so proactive), and I was going to say more about it the day it happened but now that it's days behind me I really don't have much commentary except that I've realized I can only confront people I don't care too much about. and that's not a disparaging comment (or I guess it is, but it's not meant to be). I just mean if both grace and didy were mad at me, I'd be more likely to confront didy than grace. or maybe didy is a bad person to substitute. lets say louisa. even though she scares the hell out of me when she's mad.

so this weekend was super unproductive. I had one thing to do the entire weekend (the bio lab write up), and I still ended up staying up until 3 this morning finishing it. and the end product was less than 700 words long.

but otherwise my weekend was good. I went to allen outlets with my mom, the mall with jackie and grace, and watched nine hours of pride and prejudice. =) and read a gundam wing fanfic. it was very good. all of it.

I've gotten not a lot of people to sign my yearbook. but those who did sign it usually ended up signing a lot. hmm. well, basically the girls signed a lot (bethany, yini, and 1010 all took up a page) and the guys signed about three sentences, and it seems like it's obligatory to comment on my name. I think worst was eric's comment, which read something along the lines of "ditto to dan's comment. have a nice summer and a great senior year." uh... okay.

oh but erin remembered that I got a 98 on my first calc test. =__=

umm... I should be either studying for french or doing the physics astronomy packet... but. I will do neither and instead go read another gundam wing fanfic.

so yeah. here's my long overdue post! there's not a lot of interesting things in my life.

oh but we had a party in calculus today. mrs hendricks made this super touching speech and she bought us lots of cheesecake and drinks. aww. I love her. we were all clapping and man. I love calculus. I love my class. =) I LOVE MY CLASS!!

oh, and I have an A in english for the semester!! holy moly how did this happen... I'm excited!! I had planned on a B+... so this means I don't have to do so well in physics. =)


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Thursday, May 11, 2006

move along move along

that song gets stuck in my head all the time and i don't even know all the words of the chorus.

life is so much easier now that ap exams are over. not completely carefree, but much less stressful.

our yearbook is amazing!!! would really suck if next year they do a ton of airbrushing on the senior photos and i still look awful.

i'm pretty sleepy right now...maybe i'll take a short nap. and then i have to go to kd. i wonder what they're going to ask me.

btw, i still haven't told didy that you're taking my yearbook. how about you just take it at lunch and not give it back?

SLEEEEPY. tonight after rereading stories and doing physics, i will watch serendipity! it's so cute. i want to go to new york. and london. and paris. and milan. and bora bora!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the bio exam of doom

or, the exam itself wasn't bad. well, actually, I don't really remember much of the exam; I think I was still way too shocked to really concentrate.

so I woke up to the sound of my brother in the bathroom, and I remember thinking, "wow, this is odd. he's up really early today." then I looked at my alarm clock, and I only saw the minute, not the hour. which was 43. and I thought, "wow. lots of time to get to school."

then I heard my parents yelling for my brother to hurry up or else he would be late to school, and I was very confused. so I actually looked at the clock, and it said 7:43. and I jumped out of bed, pulled on some clothes, and was out the door in two minutes. my parents were kind of worried.

so then I called grace, and she said, "oh my god!" and she got to school at around eightish.

and then god must really have hated me because the lights all along legacy were out. I tried coit, independence, and custer, and everywhere was backed up past hedgcoxe. and it was already eight.

so then I was on the phone with grace and she was saying, "where the hell is our room? where's b246??" and I had no idea where it was; I was stuck at legacy!

so then finally some policemen get to the damn intersection and I get to school at like 8.15, half an hour after I was supposed to get there. I didn't even grab my backpack, and I just ran into school. the zero hour kids were looking at me funny; I was this bright turquoise thing dashing across the parking lot.

so I get inside the building and I had no idea where b246 was, so I kept running around, and of course it's where I run to last. and this woman was at the door about to close it, and she saw what a hurry I was in, and she asked me if I was sunshine. I said I was and she let me in then closed the door. and the other woman proctor was already reading instructions.

so the woman at the door said, "show me your ID, and get your pencils and erasers out." then she pointed my seat out to me, and the woman reading the instructions came over and patted me on the back and told me to take it easy.

I was so relieved. it was amazing. the proctors in my english testing room were so mean; if this had happened a week ago, I would have missed the test.

so. in conclusion, those two women really deserve to go to heaven.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

a state of shock


I still can't believe I actually took the bio ap exam today.

I can't believe I woke up so late.

and today has been a really horrible day.


I took the bio ap exam.

maybe I'll actually make sense later.

I can't get over the fact that I actually took the exam today.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

razzle dazzle

dude i have done like no studying for bio. ahhhh stupid chinese school. at least i got higher on the exam than my brother, who actually studied. and he took like 30 minutes more on it and the teacher gave him some answers b/c she felt sorry for him. jehehehe. so that was a humongous waste of time. then we went to denton, another humongous waste of time. i even had to listen to my brother's stupid music on the car for over an hour.

omg you know where i haven't gone for a loooong time?


anyhow...i think i will go eat some fettucine alfredo from the microwave now.

biooooo dieeeeee.

oh, but i saw monica at the piano recital and that was nice. =)

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complete lack of self control

yeah, so I've wasted an entire day reading and generally doing nothing.


at least I'm not pulling an all-nighter?

so tomorrow I need to focus and 1) study for bio 2) do some stuff for english and 3) do the physics review packet.

grace, where the hell were you all day? or rather, why were you not online? =(

I'll be at davis at one tomorrow, so just show up whenever and we can study bio. or more like, sit there and read our study guides then go through a few essays. yini, you should come and read art history or apes! =) and we'll inevitably get distracted but that's all part of the fun. plus this is way better than last weekend.

yup. ONE MORE EXAM. and this time I won't forget the apparatus. apparati? wotev.

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pom pom pom pom pom

i'm looking at my bright pom pom keychain, haha.

anyhooo....i thought the history was pretty hard (not as much as the ap one though, but that was probably b/c i felt more pressure on ap day), and math was ok. i skipped 2 questions but now that i think of it, i could have done the conics one. oh well, time was up anyway. like i did the first half in 20 minutes and i was like whoa ok, i can take it easy! bad idea. yeah so when i got home, i was like OK i need to read at least half of my cliffs bio book by 10 tonight. and then i kept on getting sleepy. so i took a nap. and then every time my alarm went off, i'd be like "hmmm 15 more minutes" so it ended up being like a 3 hour nap without the benefit of rem sleep since i kept waking up to reset my alarm. so basically, i'm still on molecular genetics, with much more than half the book to go. and i think i should reread photosynthesis and respiration (i.e. looking at the pictures in the bio book again) b/c the diagrams in here are sort of confusing.

and i didn't like how they sewed the bottom of the old navy tanks. so i ended up taking out all the stitches on the front half to make it stretchier -____-. i might just take them all out and have that...ragged edge look. but it still folds up so you can't really even see it. and my mom says that the tank is too revealing. -___- there's not even anything to reveal. oh no, shoulders.

i can't wait until tuesday...there's no way to save my grade in bio, i might as well not do the book report either. although i might just read the book, it looks pretty interesting.

i must work superhard next semester. and i will need something to sustain me through that shopping!! whoohoo. and maybe i will actually use my own money then, instead of having to ask my parents for money. booo, i hate feeling dependent on them.

when are we going to sign up for the plano book sale eh?

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

sporadic posting

or more like... I dunno. I can't find the word right now. compulsive? whatever.

anyway, I have done nothing productive today.

I must study tomorrow.

it's so sad how I can't study at home anymore; I'm far too distracted by the computer.

and that is why I am so thankful jefferson invented public libraries! (or at least I think it was jefferson. who knows. I'm well on my way to forgetting all my american history.)

buuuuuuut. I'm reading another story. haha. this is so sad. me, not the story. well, kind of the story. it had like, no exposition.


until maybe in an hour or two more or whatever when I feel compelled to post again.

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39th post


every so often, my mom feels really sorry for me (or really annoyed by me), and she takes me shopping. this weekend was one of those times. I think this time it was equal parts annoyed and sorry.

there's a sunshine shirt at victoria's secret! it says HELLO PINK SUNSHINE. or something like that. =) there's one on a pink shirt (makes sense), but there're also green and yellow shirts that say that. =__= so now I will stalk that even though 1) 14.50 isn't that bad 2) victoria's secret shirts never go on sale (good morning sunshine! boo.) and 3) there isn't a victoria's secret right by plano.

oh, and does anyone want my coupon for free victoria's secret underwear? I half feel like siccing it on yini just because she's still wearing those prepackaged underwear that come in packs of three or six at like walmart or sam's or costco. okay, and three pairs of gap underwear, but that's hardly enough to last you a week. and this is actually free underwear. as in, walk in, get underwear, pay nothing. no buy 10$ worth of overpriced stuf (well, the sunshine shirt!) and get free underwear. actual FREE UNDERWEAR. okay I think I've made my point now.

I got banana republic underwear today! since I'm already talking about underwear. and this cute cami to match. but it's all lace. =__= the cami, not underwear. well, my mom wanted me to get the all lace underwear, but that would be kind of weird b/c I usually don't wear shorts or pants or anything at home, and if I have to walk around the house with my brother and dad in it... it would be odd. hell, it would be odd even if it was just my mom. and if I wear boxer shorts over it, it kind of defeats the purpose of getting lacy matching underwear. so yeah. no lace. well, only lace cami. but I have pretty bras so it's all good.

okay dinner now.

okay back from dinner now.

hmm... what was I going to say...

oh right. grace, they didn't have white or green! so I got brown. =( but we can at least cross match. man, I should have gotten it on friday. when they had it! boo.

hmm... what else? SATs were pretty boring... I'm pretty sure I didn't get a 800 on either because I finished them both in half an hour each and didn't bother going back and checking.

gah. okay. I will go read some stuff now.

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38th post

ugh, i have 2 sats tomorrow, and all i did today after i got home from the key club movie night (president!) was veg out in front of the tv and take a shower.

jfk blown away, what else do i have to say!

i found out the bottoms of the tank tops are not stretchy, so that's sort of a hassle. but they're too long anyway, so i ended up just letting the bottom fall to a comfortable place and folding the rest over it so that it's a normal length.

i definitely need to go again =) i'm missing gap already too.

dood life sucks. my grades are sooooo crappy this semester. even though i don't feel like i'm working less. i swore off hp fanfic, for heaven's sake! ugh. i think there is a very very slim chance of keeping my rank. oh well.

i really can't wait until summer...eeee sigh. so close and far away. man, if j.crew were a little cheaper, i would have sooooo much stuff from there. <3

smile like you mean it

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Friday, May 05, 2006

we didn't start the fire

no we didn't light it but we tried to fight it!

okay, SAT tomorrow.

I haven't opened a book all evening.

I'm so tired of testing.

but on the bright side, I have a 98 in biology so I don't have to do the book report! hooray.

on the other hand, my english grade is hanging on by a thread. a very thin thread that's going to break with that damn test on friday. okay. whatever. maybe by some miracle I can get a 98 in calc this six weeks.


yeah right.

what world am I living in.

umm.... grace's old navy tank tops are very cute. =) I'm going tomorrow. uh. then I have to go meet with bethany for english.



umm... I am so ready for summer. yeah.

but yeah, gap has TWO sweaters that say sunshine on them. how cool is that. the blue one has this huge sunshine on the back plus sunshine on a sleeve, and the white one just has sunshine separated by a sun (so like sun *sun* shine) on the bottom you know in that ribbed area. pretty cool, yo. plus gap has reaaaaally comfortable shoes. =) and yini got gap underwear. hooray! yini is getting more and more gap every day.


aaaah cool song. okay, gotta go sleep now. I hate waking up early. I HATE SCHOOL! it's almost over... =)



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Thursday, May 04, 2006

bio and calc, my loves


uhh I have a 92 in the class right now. with a 96 test average. and like a 96 problem session average. which means... my daily average (20% of my grade) is super duper low.

I would calculate how low it is but I'm too lazy.


hendricks says she's going to throw out some of the in class problem sessions we did.


I think I can stop repeating that now. I'm pretty sure you all know I love hendricks.


so the highlight of my day was definitely biology. shep went to some luncheon thing so we had eakes as the sub (as always). but she likes me so it's all good.

we were supposed to be studying for the ap exam (on monday!), but I was really burned out (still am), so I just wandered around the room and talked to kreb. and bought a chocolate muffin. it was really really good. anyway.

have I ever told you about kreb?

if not, here it is.

they're a group of four people: katherine, lauren, jennifer, and brett. they're all white seniors, and they call themselves the kreb cycle. or for short, kreb. it's really odd. everyone in the class refers to them collectively as kreb. and shep is queen kreb.

and what's even odder is that they're all really focused students. like, whoa.

so today katherine and jennifer drew this gigantic penis. HUGE. it was like, three computer sheets taped together. really detailed, too. and then they made an envelope for it and addressed it to shep. and stapled it on the wall by shep's desk. she's supposed to open it tomorrow, which makes me sad because I'll be ap testing when she does.

and they wrote, "from kreb." and then andrew harris added below it, "modeled by andrew harris."

then we sat around and talked about... random crap. OH. and found the coolest sunglasses ever: it's some crazy stuff.

so I've read two pages in princeton review. hooray!

I'm really going to miss my bio and calc classes. the two senior classes. =(

so. after I finish reading this chapter of apush, I'm going to compile a list of all the completed stories I've found. =)

and I've noticed how yini usually doesn't actually comment to the post itself but just writes some random fact about herself or something she's noticed.

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my 7up has gas

so i took the calculus test after studying for a grand total of about 2 hours yesterday and today, and...well i don't want to jinx myself, but i really didn't think it was very bad at all. i'm pretty sure i knew how to do everything...if i missed something, it would have been some stupid mistake. which often happens to me, so who knows.

it would be pretty ironic if i get a higher grade than i've ever gotten on a calc test on this one since it's the one i studied least for, but i'm hoping it'll happen anyway. then maybe i'll have an a this 6 weeks!

in other news, i hate vishal and his stupid answers which yini copied. he is not deserving of his always-right-in-history-and-life reputation. i shouldn't have changed those ones on the back! >=( yeah i'm pretty sure i won't have an a in apush this 6 weeks. and all i wanted was like a 92!

haha i'm looking at my school attendance report. i've had 7 school-related absences in 4th period. laaaaa

ok i should seriously be studying for apush. i think i want to sleep at 11:30 at the latest. but then...ahhh i was so close to not getting a 5 at the mock ap exam. maybe midnight, i'll still get over 6 hours of sleep. which is 2 more than usual, right?

next year i am definitely studying earlier and sleeping more during ap week.

haha who am i kidding, i'm still gonna cram.

EEEE mini skirts! i wish i had longer thinner legs. then i would own soooo many skirts! nonetheless, i definitely have to acquire that gauze skirt and the seersucker one too. unless they don't go on sale, haha. i'm such a bargain hunter. aka cheap.

Clafoutis à la Fraise i think we definitely have to make this someday. CLAFOUTIS A LA FRAISE!!

we could bring it to mrs. fischer...i feel sort of bad for just going there and eating her pie.

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another day, not another test

dammit, I was supposed to take my calc test today, but then they go and change it so that only the ppl who are missing it tomorrow can take it today, so I have to take the calc test after my brain gets fried by apush. this makes me rather mad.

umm... I just finished eating dinner, and I also just finished taking a nap. mm. nap. it felt very comfortable.

I really need to go read princeton review.

we were studying in calc (or we were supposed to be, anyway. I think I did like one problem the entire period. and erin did half of it.), and out of nowhere we hear, "howard, come teach us how to play go fish!" it was the most absurd thing.

woooooow I'm tired. two more AP tests, one more regular test, and two more SATIIs. and then the english presentation. and english and physics tests. but THEN nothing.

I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MAY 24. just 20 more days...

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I should be studying

I should always be studying, but it's 11.30 the night before a calc test and two nights before the apush exam and three nights before the bio and history sat II and five nights before the bio ap exam. hmm.

what can I conclude?

life sucks.

oh, man, I'm so glad I got shep this year. and hendricks. I love shep and hendricks. =)

I feel kind of bad. I'm so unmotivated in biology. I just laze around during class. and eat shep's soup. like I go searching for food. and then I eat it. and it's not even crappy soup. it's campbell's select soup. and then I have to go hunting for a spoon. =__=

uh... damn. I still have to read l'etranger.

WHOOHOO SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT!! finally! this semester has been so paaaainful. especially february. that month pretty much killed me.

okay. calculus can kiss my ass. I don't care. I will go read l'etranger and sleep.



oh, man, I must really love her to give up sleep for a test grade I don't even really need.

instead, I will read l'etranger tomorrow morning. or maybe... I dunno. at the red lights. =__=

grace, what are you talking about. you will definitely get a 5 on your english exam. if you don't get a 5, I don't know who can. and I'm just hoping I passed the french exam. dammit. j'acheterai! gaaaah.


and summer.

uh... that's all. I need to go study. and maybe I will reward myself for studying with a bit of hilton academy... =)

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my goldfish fell on the floor

yes, the flavor blasted pizza ones that i've had for over a week. i picked them up and put them back in the bag haha. anyhow, my room is comparatively clean b/c it was vacuumed...less than a week ago, i think. and i eat things i find on the floor where they've been for like 2 weeks, and i'm not dead yet.

i will pray for a 5 on the calc exam, a 4 on the french and a 5 on english...which means i think i got a 4, 3, 4, respectively. AHHHHH why did i not sleep more sunday night?! oh yeah, biology. damn that class. omg, mrs. brown has been so incredibly cranky these last couple of weeks. today she gave us a lecture and she was like "i've never seen such terrible work in 20 years." seriously, on that microscope lab, she gave a 17, 23, and 34 and a TON of other failing grades. like...even lily, who usually does everything PERFECTLY, failed. i think. or at least got a really bad grade. v. unfair. it looked pretty good to me.

and then like this girl already turned in her patricia cornwell thing, right? i read it, and any normal person would have given it 100. and mrs. brown was like "i would have given this 100 but there was a tiny glitch." what was the glitch? like some TINY grammar thing. like a split infinitive or something. wtf.

ok done complaining about that.



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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

death comes in the form of a test

man I hate calculus. a lot. a lot a lot. I cannot believe I took calculus this year. who was it who talked me out of taking AB? oh yeah. the damned precal class.

okay. I will still get a five. but still. what the hell. I'm pissed. at the test.

and after that my brain died. really died. really really really died. I didn't even know what was going on in english. I think holsinger thought I was having problems. which I was. and josh was being his usual retarded self. which did not make things any better. especially since I have to work with him. god, why do you hate me. probably because I don't capitalize anything. except I. haha.

umm. I really love my calculus class. they're really nice people. hendricks gave us the day off and I was trying to find someone to talk to before I realized that wow. there are only five girls in the entire class. me, perini, erin, iris, and lucy. so then I watched some guys play f nodes and then I talked to eric some. then I went back to my desk and fell asleep, and when I woke up I realized dan was gone. actually I didn't wake up until erin asked me what was wrong. then we started talking about random crap. like acdec and how annoying asian girls are. then iris and morgan and eric joined the conversation, and perini was just listening in. yup. then after class mrs hendricks came up to me and talked to me.

then physics was crap. as usual. I don't really remember doing anything. probably sleeping.

then after school I talked to eliz for an hour or so, then I went to cccc to find a book (not what I had expected it to be) then I came home.

now I am completely unmotivated to study for the calc test tomorrow. I also do not want to study for apush. I don't really want to study for much of anything.

I wish summer would just hurry up and come.

then I can sit around and read all day...

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2 toed feet

yeah, we decided that toes are mainly useless. except for wearing flip flops.

but if feet had two toes...(imagine your last 4 toes fused together), our feet would be preeeetty weird.

i'm supposed to be looking for the last time a work problem showed up on the calc exam. ehhh tooooo lazy. and all enihsnus is doing is sleeping on the bed.

everyone looks so cute today with their new haircuts! i can't wait until locks of love next year.

my mom cleaned my room today =((( now i won't be able to find anything.

ummm calc tomorrow. ahhh time to go. b/c i need to pee.

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1000 posts

will happen some day.

uh... yeah.

I need to go to sleep. it's 2.30. WHY IS APUSH GIVING A READING QUIZ DURING AP WEEK??


life makes no sense.

and um... yini, you always sound stupid.

though the "you're out of it" was pretty good today.

okay so we were all really out of it today.

and I saw that myrika updated reason and romance. =__=

and I read chapter 1 of against all odds again. today.

AAAAAAAAAAH. no. control.

calculus on wednesday! tried taking a mock exam... fell asleep during free response.

but only missed 4 total on multiple choice and got all the free response that I actually did right... that's good, right?

okay, need sleep. now.

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