Sunday, May 07, 2006

complete lack of self control

yeah, so I've wasted an entire day reading and generally doing nothing.


at least I'm not pulling an all-nighter?

so tomorrow I need to focus and 1) study for bio 2) do some stuff for english and 3) do the physics review packet.

grace, where the hell were you all day? or rather, why were you not online? =(

I'll be at davis at one tomorrow, so just show up whenever and we can study bio. or more like, sit there and read our study guides then go through a few essays. yini, you should come and read art history or apes! =) and we'll inevitably get distracted but that's all part of the fun. plus this is way better than last weekend.

yup. ONE MORE EXAM. and this time I won't forget the apparatus. apparati? wotev.


Blogger Chuan said...

i dare not look back on how much time i wasted this week not doing anything productive -__-

studystudystudystudy good luck )=

9:30 PM  

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