Sunday, April 30, 2006


yup. life really really sucks right now.

out of the 48 hours of the weekend (midnight saturday to 11.59 tonight), I've spent 31.5 hours with grace.

so here was our crazy studying regime (I've read over some of my past blogs, and those study regimes were noooooothing compared to this):

saturday 10am-6pm study at davis library with louisa, yini, grace.
6pm grace and I come to my house, we eat dinner. grace's mom comes and makes her go home. we work out a deal so I go to her house.
I stay there until 6.20am sunday morning.
sleep at 6.45am, get woken up by yini's call at 7.35am. damn. should have been at starbucks at 7.30am.
get to starbucks at 8am.
louisa and grace straggle in sometime later. commence studying/complaining/talking about college until louisa leaves at noon.
yini, grace, and I go to wendy's for lunch.
go to davis at 1. get the back room and start writing out french verbs.
they kick us out even though we had it booked the entire day.
we go to haggard and use their better room.
study until 5 (REAL STUDYING).
each go home separately and eat dinner.
meet at grace's at 6.30pm.
study/check apush until 9pm.
come home, get lunch for tomorrow, blog, go to sleep by 10.

tomorrow: get up at 6am, get dressed, pick grace up at 6.30, louisa at 6.40, eat at la madeleine, go to pshs by 7.40 for english exam.


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je suis tres tres fatiguee, et je veux mourir. je vais commencer a pleurer =(

je deteste le calculus. et je deteste le francais, mais je dois le pratiquer.

JE NE VEUX PAS PASSER UNE NUIT BLANCHE. MON DIEU, SAUVEZ MOI. euh je ne sais pas si ca marche, puisque je ne suis pas une vraie chretienne. et puis, je ne suis pas une bonne personne. je mentis un peu et je ne suis pas tres conscientieuse comme louisa.

JE MEURT!!!! sais-tu quel heure est-il? non? MOI NON PLUS. mais si je tourne mon poignet (wrist) un peu, je verrai ma montre! je vais le faire maintenant. cinq heure vingt. TROP TARD POUR PENSER.


JE PLAISANTE! pas de question. pour maintenant. peut-etre nous aurons une question plus tard.

et pour maintenant, je souhaite que soleil arrete a rire. mais bien sur, puisque elle lira ca, elle rira plus. POOOOP. euh...ce que je veux dire...c'est MERDE.

Veux-tu apprendre quelque chose d'interessant? euh...en realite, ce n'est pas tel interessant, mais si tu es si epuise que moi, peut-etre ca sera un peu amusant. eh....j'ai oublie ce que je voulais dire. dommage! tu l'as manque. tu aurais du me demander depuis cinq minutes.

je sais, je sais. pour moi, le cerveau il etait en option chez moi. mais le probleme etait fait pire par le manque de sommeil. et je suis vraiment trop fatiguee pour penser. au revoir, mes petits pois!!!

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Nous sommes TELLES fatiguees. pauvres filles =(

peut-etre nous dormirons...2 heures ce soir/ce matin. dommage. ce n'est pas assez!

nous detestons les examens ap. especiellement ceux que nous devons passer lundi. la semaine derniere, nous lirions des histoires sur =( quelles filles stupides! nous aurions du etuidier pour ces examens. nous etions si stupides. YINI EST CULPABLE. ce n'est pas notre faute... nous sommes nees sans le pouvoir de resister des histoires mignonnes. c'est completement la faute de yini! (d'yini?)

le weekend prochaine... nous etuidierons pour l'examen de biologie. mais ca sera beaucoup plus facile.

nous devons etuidier maintenant. nous voulons admitter de defaite.


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Saturday, April 29, 2006

school suuuuuuuucks

like no one knew that before.

and you'll never gues where I am.




you know what's kind of creepy? I was talking on grace's sn and jack knew it was me. HE KNEW. whoaaaaa creepy, eh. and I was like being as gay as grace usually is.

okay. so. hi grace. your phone is ringing. I can't believe you can still wear gapkids clothing. we are totally not getting any calculus studying done and it will be very embarrassing if we get a 3. or something catastrophically bad like that.

OMG FRENCH IS SO HARD. I WISH WE WERE STILL IN FRENCH I. or somewhere where we didn't have to take ap exams. at times like this, I really wish we had gone to tams instead of being here.

hey chuan, you should totally take the dart to southwestern. I can even give you the stop you can get off at and what buses you can take there. it is like a very efficient way to go, yo.

mm mockingbird station EVERY DAY. whoa. totally cool. with louisa, too.


I want to go shopping. I always want to go shopping.

didy totally needs to get whatever's up her ass out of there.

grace's computer is like dreadfully slow. like the dread scott decision. see, I'm studying.

okay now grace has started working, which she like never does, so maybe I should, too.

yeah we should definitely not room together.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

i hate school

ok so how come i don't have admin powers, huh? =(

i don't know where my phone is. it could be in my backpack. or in the library. umm and my mom is going to be gone tonight so i can't get over there. i have an idea! while we do calc, we should play a french cd so it will osmose into our brains. or rfi, but i can't get that on a normal radio.

i think my corn in the light is sort of droopy....i bet it's lacking nutrients. and i did pretty badly on today's practice ap. not as badly as last time, though, which is a relief. but according to the scale, i'm not going to get a 5.

poop. and i have a c in calculus, hooray. i can easily make it a b, but an a is near impossible. well, i'd have to get a 101 on the vector test. so i should just aim for that 85 average, right? right

umm i hate life these next two weeks. and that physics research project is hella lame. yo.

i can't wait for summer. physics camp!! you're signed up, right? it'll be so much fun. and working at kd, not as much fun. and volunteering at the hospital...depends on who i'm working with. the lady said if i get accepted, i'll either be working on day surgery, the nursery, or neonatal icu. and apparently i would be meeting a lot of new people. i hope there's a cute boy in my team, tehe. but seeing as this is in ghetto carrollton, chances of that are slim.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

jeff needs to die.

and that's not jeff yu. although every time i think of him, i think of becca payne's eff you jeff yu.

omg, mrs. stanton copied my essay for everyone to read and i was so embarrassed b/c i thought milan was a girl's name. =( and also i tried to write about the panopticon while knowing NOTHING ABOUT IT. but i wanted to have more than 2 points, so i started making stuff up about it. i couldn't even remember whose idea it was (foucault's). and also wrote about 1984 without remembering much.

umm i hate plants for life. except the ones that taste good. or smell good.

ditto to my brother, except with no exceptions.

hate x 100. maybe someday i'll scan the postsecret postcard that i made about him. or maybe i'll just mail it in.

i'm gonna go take a shower now.

i wish our blog had some green in it.

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to my brother. =) who is so much taller than I am. =(

anyway, today was a preeeeetty horrible day. I could not stay awake last night so I stopped studying and slept at 3.30. that was without reading physics or doing the problem bank or the study guide and only glancing over bio.

then kerry calls me at 7.30 this morning and asks me for a ride to school. I was too sleepy to really formulate a response but I think I told him to call jackie. good thing because I fell asleep on the way to school and cars honked at me. oops.

apush boring as usual, bio was the test which I was supposed to finish thirty minutes before the bell so I could do my french homework (didn't happen; had to copy the last few from grace), spent french trying to cram as much french into my head as I could (which isn't much), spent lunch doing physics, spent english trying to do physics (and evan telling me every other minute to "calm down, sunshine. it was a really easy test. it was actually absurdly easy." which okay, yeah, but I hadn't read).

oh and this bears mentioning:
MY FIRST NINE ON AN ENGLISH TIMED WRITING. she even read mine out loud! granted, I didn't know it was mine when she read it... I can't believe I actually used similes and metaphors in my timed writing. even though I really screwed it up b/c I don't think hyenas eat carcasses... I think I was going for coyotes? wolves? I remember pondering that as I was writing that day. and I realized that all writing sounds a lot better when it's read out loud by the teacher.

umm... calculus. HAHA. wtf I hate logisitics. =__=

physics, retaaaaaaaaaarded. uh. yeah. I still hadn't really read. oops.

umm so I figured out that I have serious problems in confrontation. umm. yup. and I'm (hopefully) going to SMU this summer and researching! I get to get off at mockingbird station. =) WOW mockingbird station EVERY DAY! this is like a dream come true.

and tomorrow's the national merit meeting. I'LL MEET YOU BY THE PENIS, GRACE.
we better have gotten more qualifiers than west.


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or more like revival of a blog, but whatever.

I got my apush allusions down pat, yo.

wow I am so screwed for AP exams. I think it's some kind of mantra now. That and life sucks. Yup. Definitely covers my life right now.

You know, there's something about blogger that makes it easier to write stuff than on xanga. I always feel very constrained on xanga, for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm always paranoid that I'm going to forget to publish it as protected and it will be public. Yeah.

Umm... Didy has been really cold these few days. Okay Grace just said that to me and I like transcribed it word for word, but whatever. IT IS THE TRUTH. It's probably bad that I get a perverse pleasure out of pissing her off. Something about her just doesn't jiiive with me, yo. My first impression of her in seventh grade was bad, and it hasn't really improved all that much except that it's very advantageous to be friends with her. Or 'friends', as it may be.

Hmm, I am actually a pretty horrible person.

So today I went to Jasper with Grace who is definitely going to hell and Jackie and we ate pot pie. MMMM it's so good. Plus she said she would make us any desert we want to like eeeeeeeever. HOORAY.

So I have decided to wear my tshirt bra tomorrow. It's a floral print. Actually, both my new ones are floral prints. =) I'm so excited! I love new bras. I LOVE GAP! I cannot imagine a world without THE GAP.

  1. pink shrugs
  2. pink cami
  3. express sequin cami
  4. gap kangaroo pocket sweater
  5. gap stripe sweater
  6. gap pocket sweater
  7. navy trench coat
  8. carmine red trench coat
  9. stripe button down shirt
  10. satin stripe cami
  11. br cami
  12. plano shirt
  13. plano academics shirt
  14. duck week
  15. give love
  16. bah humbug
  17. pink waffle hoodie
  18. peacoats
  19. express skirt
  20. ny&co shirts
  21. accessories

wow!! =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


just think... in 12 days, WE'LL BE FREE. HOORAYYYY.

actually, then I get a MRI. lol.

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