Friday, November 21, 2008


why am i sick again =( good thing it's almost gone, i think

so i have a problem. it's called procrastination. and it's eating away at my precious sleep time!!! cry cry cry. but i get soooo easily distracted.

on an unrelated note, i feel so out of shape compared to how i was over the summer...i haven't worked out at all since freaking beginning of september. so i'm going to do that over iap but that's what i say for every break and then it doesn't happen. this time it will as i have summoned a new energy. also need to ask linden for openings at the psc. i want to work on campus but nothing where i really have to think like a urop.

i bought a shirt on shirt.woot. SO BAD. oh yeah my other problem is a lack of self-control. actually i think that encompasses procrastination. also it is the reason i have not worked out. anyway hopefully i won't be buying stuff off there all the time...but usually the stuff on there is not that appealing anyway.

i was doing suuuch a good job not buying stuff off the internet this semester...

i feel like i've changed a lot. i think when i stop thinking previous posts are lame (not previous to this one necessarily, but in general...i know what i mean) is when i've stopped changing so much

i should be doing my lab report.


Blogger Dustice said...

"i bought a shirt on shirt.woot. SO GOOD." - fixed that for you.

Which one did you get?

3:24 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...

i think the goodness or badness of your shirt depends on which one you got? there was a week when there were like 3 good ones in a row that all sold out =/

3:40 PM  
Blogger g-unit said...

the nanonauts one...haha

1:59 AM  

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