Wednesday, May 24, 2006


hmm lisa wants our day of fun to be next week, which is fiiiine with me =) and she said either your house or jack's. (umm one of you has a pool and the other does not. and also i have been to one of the two at least 50 times and the other just once.)

do you cry during grey's anatomy? it would make me feel a bit better if you did, i think. i cried during the season finale on monday and also the episode i just watched (damaged case or something like that. ep. 24). so there's a teardrop on my blue volunteer folder. it's shaped like one of those blood spatters we did in class, with the crenellated edges and everything. cool! i wonder where my hidden evidence book is. the only picture i couldn't stand to look at was that one really hideous burn victim one. anyway... omg this season was sooo much longer than last season, thank goodness. and thank goodness it's so popular, they could never cancel it!

sunshine did i send you snow patrol? they did a cover of crazy in love. (didy doesn't know what a cover is...i told her about it and she's like "a cover?" and then i sent it to her and she was like "are they making a mockery of it?" -____-)

OMGGGG somebody help me finish knitting the lambie pie scarf.'s like never going to end. but it's so close!! i'm just tired of knitting it. but i REALLY cannot rest until the entire ball of yarn is knitted into it. baby bee doesn't go on sale much, does it? maybe i should get some this week. chenille, i think. or whatever. i'm getting all the favorite colors of the key club officers. oddly, everyone's favorite color is either blue or pink. i also want to get a skein of that...pale green, yellow, and white. forgot what it's called, but it's so pretty! after lambie pie, i will knit playful so i can finally give those needles back to you. then i may start on the key club ones...or the pitter patter. =)))

i should totally be sleeping right now, but in less than 10 minutes, 2 more episodes of grey's anatomy will have been successfully acquired! mmm limewire.

hey, you should read How to Cook a Tart. it was frrrrrreaky. if it weren't for the last 3 chapters, i would never recommend it, but man. that was sooo weird. by the way, we should cook our own something something. i think that's what we should do tomorrow! or today, actually. i'll tell you at school tomorrow morning if i can find you. but if you're gonna be in the research room and i'm going there to turn in my bio book, we should cross paths, right?

and do you have your new phone yet?

hehe i can't wait until our day of fun! when does yini leave?


Blogger Chuan said...

jack has a pool? lucky guy )=

what the heck is a cover?

1:35 PM  
Blogger SUNSHINE said...

1) I don't want to go swimming
2) I don't want to move

1) his house is super duper cool
2) it probably has better food
3) he can't be late to his own house

I guess we're going to jack's house. =) except when I told him about the plan yestesrday, he was all "whyyyy? I'm not bored!" so that may pose a problem.


2:50 PM  
Blogger y said...

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6:58 PM  
Blogger y said...

july... like a week after physics camp

day of fun!! day of fun!!!! I WANT

8:06 PM  

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