Tuesday, February 19, 2008

things that have happened

biodiesel@mit wins ecomagination
10-250 renovation
marilee jones
divest from sudan
world series
6.001, 6.170 last semester offered
baker tree
next house rex
new sorority - now 6
80th ringcomm
150th year

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Thursday, February 07, 2008


is coming to mit mid-march! which is exciting because i read interpreter of maladies over winter break.

the lit class i wanted to take but couldn't because of scheduling conflicts is reading it right now. i had to switch sections and they're reading different books =( but that's okay, i like them.

anyway, i'm sort of excited because i've been thinking about buying the namesake for a long time...and now lit@mit is giving them away($2 donation suggested)!! they're in the literature office, 4th floor of building 14N, to which barely anyone ventures, so there were plenty when i got there. i got rid of change + bought a book and saved $12 on it!!

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