Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay I changed it now so that you don't have to type anything in a specific place unless you want to do the show/hide thing...but I don't know how to get rid of "Continue reading..." on the bottom of posts in which there's nothing else to read. =(

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

talons and tea leaves

I like drinking honey in water with crushed ice.

Today my mom told me to clean off my bunkbed soon. My darling bunkbed, with its nostalgia-inspiring decor and handy top bed for which to put unwanted items, is being given away to her friend.
Me: where am I going to sleep?
Mom: On the floor?

Haha but I think she's actually going to get a full-sized bed for my room. I found out I have a lot of stuffed animals and many post-it notes from that time I tried to put a phylogenetic tree on the wall. Alas, I did not find the goldenrod yarn that I lost when I was knitting my (still-unfinished) Gryffindor scarf two winters ago. What am I going to do with all my crimson yarn? What I'm doing with the rest of my yarn...leave it on the top of the cabinet. If only I could do that amigurumi stuff:

Who knew poop could be so cute?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


OMG I LOVE WHITE RABBIT CREAMY CANDY. Especially when it's still soft.

I also immensely love all flavors of Pocky, and I am totally head over heels for the cute Decorer ones that are meant to look like cakes. This guy in the commercial, however, just looks like a fruitcake. Note his effeminate giggling when there are about 9 seconds left.

Yesterday I read a story about some nurse in Japan being accused of (and jailed for) ripping out her patients' toenails. Nasty! This is worth a click in my opinion: Ice cream that tastes like chicken wing or fish or wasabi...and more!

Today I set up a free checking account at WaMu (rewards on the debit card), but now I think I might close it and go to Bank of America (closer ATM - I think I saw one in the student center...), which I had originally suggested to my mom. Or maybe have an account at both. oOOoooOo. I'll ask Joanne.

In other news, I am sad that I will be missing the 3:00 barbeque for all the FPOPers =( But I got into my first choice, FLP! Thompson Island, here I come. In almost two months.


My mom didn't believe that I was under 110 pounds when I told her why I couldn't donate blood anymore. Whatever, mother.

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Oh jaaaaysus, I'm so glad to be home. I have missed Plano so freaking much, and I think I am mightily sick of being with the same four people day in and day out.

Hmm it was a really fun trip on the whole, but it was about a week too long (even though I loved Italy), and lots of art museums! Happy. No sales! Sad.

I have not much to say right now. It is almost 6am in London right now, and I think I should sleep before I try to actually compose a post.

So! Ecarg, let's do something before you go to Taiwain/I go to China!

And poor Dooby. And omg that is suuuuuuuch cute underwear. And don't be anorexic. Your mom stoopit. I think you look beauuuutiful. And I want to see your new haircut! SO LET'S GO SHOPPING! Or ice-creaming. Or anything fun! (aka let's do SOMETHING together.)


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Monday, June 25, 2007

Witold Lutoslawski

Paganini Variations for Two Pianos - I have to learn the 2nd part, which is easier but more boring than the 1st, before I leave for MIT. I don't like playing 2nd, but I got to play 1st for 11 years while my brother had to play 2nd so I'm giving him a chance to have the melody for once! I know, I'm so generous. And too lazy to learn 1st.

Today, I set my alarm for 12:30. When I woke up, I kept adding minutes until it was 2:30 and I finally decided to get up. I was supposed to go open a student account at the bank, but my mother didn't take me. So I just went to UTD, where we finally moved on to simulating water permeating nanotubes.

Then I came home and saw Dooby's new collar that makes a high-pitched noise the first time he barks, the noise and a small shock (ergo, we have the "BEEP! ZAP!" in the photo) the second time in 30 seconds, and progressively stronger shocks after that.

He didn't realize what it was at first, and when he barked twice, it started shocking him =( Which only made him bark more and omg it was soooo terrible he looked like he was being painfully tortured in mid-air, the way he was writhing and jumping. I was so scared! Finally he just sat there and shivered. POOR DOOBY!!
"whether it's worth the increasing pain"
Reminds me of the good times in Magavern 1st period Macro.

Then 1010 and I went to the mall! Where I spent like $23 on real clothes, $1 on a pretzel, and...dun dun dun!! $35 on underwear haha.

cute, right? Those are the ones I did not have enough on me to get =(

And only if your name is Sunshine and you find vicarious pleasure in seeing other people's purchases, you can click on the permalink to see the ones I did. (I added some script to the template html to get the short/long functionality! YAY ME SO PROUD! But I haven't figured out how to do the expand/collapse thing yet...that's for another time.)

So basically to use the show/hide thing, put part of your post where it says "Short post here" and the rest of your post in "Extended post here." But if you don't like it, I backed up the original template so we can just change it back =\

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

last wednesday

before 5:30

after 5:30

The hair will be shipped off to Locks of Love tomorrow! Of course, not all the hair that I cut is in that little bag. She cut off the hair, which left it shoulder length. Then my mom decided layers would be good, and the lady was like yeeeeah! She found out that we were going to Taiwan next month and decided to help me "blend in." Of course, when I return, I will be all fobby.

I look like a boy, but it'll grow out. Besides, androgyny could be sort of in.

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Today I went swimming swimming (as opposed to playing-around-in-the-water swimming) for the first time in many moons. Many hundreds of moons. Thus, I discovered how woefully out of shape I am. Whereas I could do 700 yards straight in my heyday, now swimming 450 with many breaks in between (I was at the pool for almost an hour) leaves my arms sore. At least I know I can pass the swimming test! When I come back from Taiwan, I must go swimming 2-3 times a week, at least. This is my new goal (in lieu of the old goal, learning how to skate and play the guitar). Feasible? Most definitely. Probable? Not really, because for so many years, my philosophy has been

but I'll try.

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things i love

strawberry yogurt chex
skim milk
sirius black
angry little girls
free stuff
delicious stuff
seeing my weight go down with virtually no exercise
puppies especially dooby the cutest dog in the world
buying stuff
White Rabbit Creamy Candy

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Friday, June 22, 2007

whachoo lookin at?

Ummm so I pretty much love this video of a dramatic chipmunk.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

things i hate

hey yall. yall being my one-, maybe two-person, non-commenting readership. regression to middle school approaching:


not having a car
people telling me what to do in general
people who just started working this summer but act like they know more than me and try to tell me how to do my job even though i already knew
people who tell me to sit/stand up straight i'm gonna fix my posture when i feel like it so shut up
people who say they want to keep in touch but they don't even try (this one is slightly hypocritical...but only slightly)
people who are too judgmental. watch out LEST YE BE JUDGED.
people who think they are soooOOOooOOoo clever and then always explain their jokes and puns as if nobody else understood them, then carry on with a superior air
people who are clingy
people who spell things on aim like "ur kot is so wrm n fuzzi!!! ken i ware it? lol! i lub u!" unless they're making fun of people who do that
people who pretend to be nice and innocent but are bitchy and conniving inside all the time
people who are selfish and conceited and egocentric as my brother. there will probably eventually be an entire post about how much i hate my brother.
when people write "per say" instead of "per se"

basically this list has evolved into a list of people i hate. at the moment. i should not be so full of hate. =( i am a bit ashamed. but i will append whenever i think of more things

THINGS I LOVE. coming soon.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

ana mia

Sometimes when my mother tells me I'm fat, I'll wish I was anorexic. That'll show her. When I'm on my deathbed with my fragile and malnourished bones piercing through papery skin of a greenish pallor, I could say, "Look at what you did to me, mother. Thanks for all the support."

Too bad I love food so much.


In Pink Slip, a beach book that I read and gave to Sunshine and would not necessarily recommend to anyone, the girl stopped eating because her heart was broken. Maybe I should get my heart broken, too. Haha, I know, that's a good one. Chances of that happening are pretty much the same as those of me giving up food.

I can't wait until Taiwan next month! I just hope I don't get eaten by the mosquitoes.

I wish I could drive. Or my friends that can drive weren't all away in far away places =(

I think taking French fiddled with my intuition about tenses...things just used to seem right or wrong...which is basically how I got through SAT writing, but now I look at some sentences that I write and wonder if they're supposed to be futur anterieur or whatever.

Umm time to watch AUSNTM S3! Or keep reading OOTP. I could always clean my room, which I have put off for half a year. But...everyone knows that although hard work pays off later, laziness pays off now.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007


has a definition for wooblet:

Usually used in online chatting or gaming communities, wooblet refers to a wobbly person who oftens falls and makes careless mistakes. Wooblets are normally thought of as being like the small Fischer Price plastic people that do not fall down.

person a: Oops, I forgot my wallet at the checkout!
person b: You stupid wooblet.

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me love sale.

I lead a rather materialistic and mundane life. It's comfortable.

So I went to the Paul Frank store today and I dragged Tenn along because I needed a ride. I am shameless =( And he was injured (pulled a muscle) and I didn't know and I felt soooo guilty so I tried to buy him gelato but he wouldn't let me and gave the cashier a 20...short story even shorter, he ended up driving me down to the DART station, walking in pain, and paying for my gelato. I'm going to hell. So...I tried on the shoes and the small size fit. (I ordered them when I got home.) And then I was like uhhh yay that took like 3 seconds. So I decided to shop around a little. SALE!!! 5 dolla flip flops, so I bought these multi dots (yes they match the rain boots):

I also saw these and they were cute but I don't need that many flip flops:

and then I saw these scurvy green check ones! and I was like omg Sunshine would loooove these. So I got them too.

I also got a krab sushi tee in black:
it was XXS so I wasn't sure if it would fit so I tried it on. And while I was taking it off, I saw a little screen print inside!!! It was sooooo cute. Anyway...all for $22 because they were all half off. Yes!

//Edit: I found a picture of the krab sushi on white so you can sort of see the screen print's krab saying, "oh dude, that's so dope!"

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Friday, June 15, 2007


locks of love. ahhhh i am getting more and more attached to my hair, but i also can't wait for the time when it comes off next wednesday, 5:30ish! in veronica mars, veronica has long hair at shelly pomroy's party (signifying a youthful sort of innocence), but after the party (during which she was raped), all the scenes show her sans long hair. what will this new era mean for me????? tis a time of great change. as evidenced by my first entry in here in a looong long time.

you know what i feel slightly guilty about? the multiple admitted student questionnaire plus surveys i chose not to do. but the first one took so long! my personal contribution to response bias. my room is a complete mess but i feel so reluctant to clean it. i reeeally should though. i should also exercise and stop being so self-indulgent.

i watch way too much tv for my own good. and when i watch, i often feel compelled to watch every episode ever.
  • The Office
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Ugly Betty
  • Beauty and the Geek (S3, but only because I can't get the others)
  • Veronica Mars
  • ANTM (well, most of the cycles at least) which has led to other NTM's - hopefully this ridiculous appetite will be curbed soon, but making fun of them is pretty amusing.
  • Heroes
  • Alias (in the past)
Gossip Girls looks sort of enticing in a fascination-of-New-York kind of way...and also a Kristen-Bell-narrating kind of way.

I feel so unmotivated. But at least I'm working about 28 hours a week, plus a tiny bit of research on the side that I am quite sure will be inconclusive since all we've been doing is following a tutorial for this protein-modeling program. Oh well, something to do that sounds like it's productive.

Also: a B on light for Rhythm & Police!

So I went downtown to West Village with 1010 and Dgo on Tuesday...and we missed our movie, The Valet (La Doublure). Sad! 1010 called me during research and I couldn't pick up. AHH we had already made detailed plans the day before! Why would I ditch at the last minute? Without telling anyone? Why did I switch to proper capitalization? Carrying on. We got to the Magnolia half an hour after the movie started, so we decided to watch The Lives of Others instead. Before that started, we had some time so we trolled over to Paciugo, where I had Fragola (very sorbet-y, Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel (surprisingly good), and Chocolate Hazelnut (deliciously rich, wish there had been a tiny bit more hazelnut).

//Warning: Wow this following paragraph was the most pointless paragraph ever. Don't read it folks, just look at the pretty picture.

Then random window shopping ($55 for a rope functioning as a belt at Polo RL wtf? Doggy polos were cute though.) At the Paul Frank store, we saw
for $32. I considered getting them but 1) I did not have $32 on me and 2) I thought maybe I still wanted J.Crew wellies. Little did I know how enamoured I would become with these! Today I looked them up and they were $17.95 on Amazon/Karmaloop. Plus about $7 of shipping. Then I did more digging around and after several sunlit days of effort (I tried like 6 or 7 codes and I had to enter in my information each time!! Tedious to the maxxxxx), I found a promo code that actually worked. $3 shipping. I am so asian. And used to not capitalizing that. But then they had Small (5-6) and Medium (7-8). Too bad I'm 6 1/2!!! What if the smalls cramp my feet? What if my feet slide around in the mediums? Ugh. Why didn't I try them on when I was there? I even thought about it...What if the shoes get sold out soon? Must take action quickly. The plan is to go downtown, try on the shoes, get gelato, and come back. I know, ridiculous to go all the way down there just to try on shoes. But look at how cheery they are!!! So happy. I want them. I want them bad. I suppose I'm somewhat used to not getting what I want though...but seriously. $21 for these cute things? That's like 2 hours of tutoring. Easy peasy.

I should sleep.

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