Saturday, June 25, 2005


sorry =((((( but you know absence....does that thing it does. there's a phrase, isn't there? but i forgot it

so i'm on a downloading spree so i'll be ready for my mini. =)


i have to make sure i can find a skirt. actually, i'll just wear jeans for biking and find the skirt while you make your food.

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Friday, June 24, 2005

in my hour of need!

grace, where are you??

you are always online!! or at least at your phone!! but now you're at neither!

I am muy depressed and I need to talk to you since you are the only one who knows about me/kailing and chuan! T____T

I'm so depressed boohooo.

you know what I've realized. when I'm sad I tend to act super duper happy. like that last xanga entry I posted. I was actually very blue when I was writing it.


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Thursday, June 23, 2005



1st - ME TOO!! i think my nose looks weird, + my eyelids + my knees + my little toes. and i have quite a few moles, which used to bother me a lot. and now it only bothers me a little since i'm used to them. and i know i'm not fat at all, but i seriously have a lot of flab. and nobody believes me, but that's what clothes are for.

2nd - no comment, my friend. i can't believe you even mentioned this.

3rd - SURE THING!! but nothing will ever happen, b/c we are kindred souls. and what could break up kindred souls? like the only things i can think of that would destroy friendships are lies and jealousy. and i really think the former is negligible b/c as far as i can tell, we're pretty transparent. and the latter, well. there are 1)grades 2)guys 3)other. and 1)not that important, + our friendship is stronger than that right? and 2)same. and who cares about other.

pith = (hahahaha get it) i do not! piano = ok, violin = even worse. and what makes me sad is i can never think of anything that i can do that nobody else can =(

but i'm sure we will both get accepted into decent colleges

YOU BETTER GET THOSE FLIP FLOPS. we're going on saturday, early early early. and if not we, at least you, although i think my parents will let me. maybe. my dad would. i reeeeeally like that tiered skirt.

anyway, physics camp isn't so bad!

we did vector stuff today with a force table, and it was cool b/c i already knew how to do the vector things, thanks to precal! i wish everyone in my lab groups were as smart/dumb as me, so they wouldn't work faster like you do or slower like other people. i'm always having to catch up to you! >=(

anyhow, cathleen (remember her from geometry? sooooo sweet!) could do it about the same rate as me, but my other lab partner was reeeeeally slow, which isn't her fault, but is just an inconvenience. but it was cool when i explained it to her for the 5th time and she finally understood b/c i was like yessss yayyyyy.

anyway, monday we had pizza, tuesday we had jason's deli salad? they forgot to bring us the meat platter. wednesday we had central market deli sandwiches, very very delicious. today we had on the border, even more delicious + fattening. and tomorrow we're meeting our mentors so we're having italian!

ok and this part is TOP TOP TOP SECRET. ok so every other day we have physics olympics. so the first time, the contest was to build the highest tower out of a sheet of paper and 50 cm of tape. and so i came up with an idea, and then like we started building. then 10 minutes later, we see other people doing the exact same thing! but we were like, nah, the way we carried out the design is better. but there's this girl on our team, ashley liou, who keeps freaking out and trying to change things. -___- but then we had the tallest tower anyway! but then while the teachers were measuring ours, the group next to us, which happened to include some people like sunaina and melanie, changed and added to theirs. btw, they had like the same design as we did too. and so they won.
then today, our challenge was to build a boat out of a 10 by 10 piece of foil. so after all the measurements, our group tied with tien feng's group, with 26 pennies held up by each. but then melanie and sunaina's group suddenly decided they wanted a recount, after like half the groups had dumped the water and thrown away the boats. and guess what, suddenly their boat can hold up 30 pennies now.
but it's ok, the prize was just gel pens. but still -______- but i still like melanie b/c she is nice.

anyhow, i'm sure you will never mention this to her ever, b/c what would she think then? and it is such a petty little thing.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I am sorry I have disappointed you.

but gwl really did not click in my mind.

oh my god I am a disappointment.


let me share some insecurities.

first - I am insecure about how I look. which really really really doesn't show. because most of the time I am smart enough to know that it doesn't really matter and that how someone thinks you look is more a reflection of how much they like you and not so much how you really look. nonetheless, I still wish I were prettier/skinnier.

second - I am insecure about my grades. which I realize is totally stupid considering and I should really be one of the last people ever to be insecure about my grades, but being friends with you/jack/kailing. man. and didy studies so much and I just feel overall very inferior.

third - whenever a friendship starts to fail, I can never bring myself to do anything about it. I keep thinking it will get better, but it doesn't. and then it gets to a point where doing anything would be awkward and weird. so yeah. if anything ever happens to us, please do something about it! b/c I will just be sitting here and feeling cowardly.

three seems like a good number, doesnt it. but there is another one.

pi - I am insecure about my (lack of) talent. you play piano and violin so well and louisa is a great artist and a good violinist and gabriel is great a violin and melanie is superb at art and jack is a genius at piano and I just feel very... untalented. I keep worrying I won't get accepted into a decent college.

anyway. pi is a even better number.

that was quite depressing, no?

and guess what. I'm not so excited about clothes anymore. like I see the new br and gap catalogues, and I just think, "I don't want to look through all that." isn't that sad? but I still want those flip flops. if you get there before I do, get them for me and I will pay you 6.50, which means you get a one cent profit. size nine, btw.

there. happy now? =)

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Monday, June 20, 2005


you better make a post within the next week, or i will officially assume you have forgotten about this poor blog

in other news, colin firth does make a very excellent mr. darcy.

and also my finger does not hurt quite as much as the bruise on the bottom of my foot from my flip flops. however, i am very pleased i chose to wear the ratty flip flops + my coach purse escaped unharmed! + my elbow and i successfully evaded the nasty hydrogen peroxide yay!

btw did you notice that all of my titles are in caps except one and vice versa with yours?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


AWWWWWW PECAN PIE!!!! let's do the accent someday. and we should also try jamaican, french, british, and southern (indian accents might cause a little controversy!)

ok, absurdly short post. i didn't get alias today, i'm getting it tomorrow yay!

so i won't start watching until the day after, or the day after that b/c i still have my sassy girl and the notebook.


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Monday, June 13, 2005

walking with jackie as usual

and if you were a better friend you would have known that already nooo?

I have don't turn off the lights by enrique iglesias stuck in my head. it annoys me.

I GOT SKINNY DIP BY CARL HIAASEN. or however you spell that. I have only been wanting to read it since it came out but it had so many holds on it at the library and so by the time I got it it would have been gross anyway. so I was like omg please mass paperback version come out! and then today I went to sam's club and GUESS WHAT THEY HAD THE MASS PAPERBACK VERSION. so my mom let me get it. actually my mom's attitude for all shopping is just "if you want it and will use it / eat it / read it, get it." which is great in some respects but then it makes me feel super duper guilty. which I guess is the point b/c it trains me for college. (which is why I didn't get it when it came out in hardback.)

oh you know what I hate. I hate it when authors just drag things on and on and on and try to cash in on things as much as possible. like the left behind series? it was supposed to be seven books. it ended at twelve. and now they're writing a prequel series to it.

and my nails are SUPER DUPER pink right now. like such a bright hot pink and it has sparkles in it. and not just ordinary sparkles. pink and orange and white sparkles. it's one of those nail prism things. "amber coral", or something. so much pinker than the bottle looks. and jackie gave it to me. =D I love it.

oh and I really really want to watch ever after. it is like my favorite movie EVER. I love cinderella stories. which is why I want to see ella enchanted, too. even though I heard it sucked.

you need to come over! you really really do. or we could go to hobby lobby tomorrow and maybe pick up needlework. =) and then you could come over and needlework with me! except I have to go somewhere at 5.30. lalalala. boo.

anyway today at utd we had our first conference. GOD I WAS SO UTTERLY CONFUSED. but the good thing is puneet got assigned another high school student. his name is carter and he's going to tams, graduated from williams. and he was using my cell to call amelia and I was like "lin?" in my head and then it turned out it WAS her. I don't know why but I don't really like her. lalalala. it could just be jealousy, I guess.

anyway this is a pretty long post, no?

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where are youuuu

why are you not online right now.

my mom was pissed this whole day. like she woke me up around 1 by yelling at me, then was mad the rest of the day at every little thing. until it was too late to ask about going, then she finally calmed down. oh well =( i have prt a lot this week, i think. come with!

lalalala so i'm posting twice in a row. yay

i watched the phantom of the opera today (the movie), it was ok. but you know what i hate. people who are all like "i looooove phantom of the opera i saw the movie 17 times! and i bought the soundtrack!!!" then start singing one of the songs. i'm like, please, i've known the music since i was in the single digits (8?) and the music has only been around for like 2 decades.

which is sort of like me with alias, so i shouldn't talk. but still.

and omg do you watch the scholar? the showdown today was like omfg i could win $50000 with no thinking. the questions were lik "the brain and spinal cord are part of what system?" "the liver, stomach, and intestines are part of what system?" "how many chambers are in the heart?" "what is the longest bone in the body?" "food is digested in the stomach, but digestion of carbohydrates starts earlier - where?" "if a vein carries blood back to the heart, what does an artery do?" ok and this one guy was eliminated on "what do the dermis and epidermis refer to?" it's like duuuuude don't you remember that 3rd grade thing where people are like "your epidermis is showing!!!" HUGE continental shelf. that guy was valedictorian of his school with a 1580 sat score. pleeease. and the winning question? "what does RNA stand for?"

HOLY CRAP and these people are supposed to be really smart according to their bios on the abc website. I COULD FREAKING WIN THOSE $50,000. My idiot moron brother could win that. btw, i really hate him. he punched me in the head today because i pinched him for poking my ribs really hard. he scares me a lot, especially when he grabs kitchen knives to threaten with. he needs to be sent to brat camp.

have you seen the geico commerical where this one wrestler is like "you're so ugly if ugliness were bricks, you'd be the great wall of china?" hahaha.

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so i'm back!!!!

the trip wasn't all that great. like i can't say anything bad about it, but there wasn't anything exceptionally good either. maybe i've been to sa too many times. hmmm highlights: receiving money, getting free clothes + bags, and the performance which was actually pretty good in comparison to my expectations.

i wish the six flags thing was next weekend. when does (did?) the bbw sale end?

oh well.

oh yes, i also finished the poisonwood bible (while trying to tan by the hotel pool) but my idiot brother splashed water on it T-T cryyyyyy he's such a fat ugly stupid mean moron i hate him. and also finished alias season 2. even though i already knew what happened, it still counts, right?

oh btw i saw lots of the ae shirts like the you can't always get what you want and the yellow one with daisies? can't remember. they were pretty cheap, but too low cut and transparent for my mom. and the pretty pretty skirts (too expensive) at the ae outlet place

i'm doing prt like 3x this week?

no more violin!!!

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Friday, June 10, 2005

my one day of freedom

and SOMEONE is on her way to san antonio. boohoo.

so I woke up late this morning... at around 11 b/c jackie called me. pehe. and then I ate dumplings and then jackie and yini came over and GET THIS.


yes my super duper messy haven't been cleaned since I was six closet. I am amazed, as well. But now my room is super dusty and I have thrown away like three garbage bags full of crap which you could never do b/c you are waaaay too sentimental.

AHAHAHA. I feel good. Oh but you are missing the bbw sale! the buy one get one free sale! for their fragrant stuff. mm what scent do I like. I dunno. but they also have all this hair stuff 75% off so I will go get a lot b/c I need leave in conditioner and they don't seem to sell it anymore at walmart. =D

so tonight is PRT... and tomorrow is six flags! and then on sunday didy is coming over to help me clean more stuff... then we're going shopping with susie. and then YOU ARE COMING BACK!


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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Did I tell you about his autograph photos? If I didn't, ask me.

Well the piano thing will be over after this week!

I HAVEN'T SEEN SHEBOBILY IN FOREVER!!! tell her hi for me. annnnd...i haven't played volleyball (for some reason i wrote wollyball?) for a long long time either.


but i would rather have a sark poster. =D anyway, either of them could totally take the place of this weird dolphin poster. btw, i never got a poster from caltech =( booo

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

stupid schedules

why are we both such busy people. >=(

anyyyywayyyyy today I went to UTD and basically sat there doing nothing for like an hour and a half and then I went and met ning and shelby for lunch! which was super duper fun and we are doing it every day from now on. =))

and tomorrow I am actually going to do experiments hoooraaaay.

okay tonight I have that thing at plano from 6-9 and tomorrow I'm playing volleyball with melanie and thursday... oh right I think didy might be coming over? in the afternoon/night?

b/c okay puneet wants to have the entire experiment done by friday and it's like one of those multiple-part experiments that we basically make up as we go along so I have no idea how long I'm going to be working tomorrow/thursday and YOU are GOING on friday and I'm going to the airport on saturday and SO.


and sark is soooo beeeaaaauuuutifuuuullll.

HEY. GUESS WHAT. there is a seth poster at walmart!!! a big huge closeup of seth. omg <333333.

I so want to just drive there on the way back from utd one day and buy it. =)

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SARK IS SOOOO <33333333 yummmyyyyy photos! <333333

i've had those flower butter things before! with rolls of course...not by themselves.

YAYYYY alias <3333 i wish i had like 200 bucks to bust right now, but i don't because i will save and scrimp for who knows what.

and now i'm going to get some food (see, not that lazy)


p.s. thursday kd until 11, leaving for piano at 4. yep so if anything you could come to my house for like 3, 3.5 hours

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Monday, June 06, 2005

the luncheon


okay so it began at noon and it was at the very top of the mcdermott library in utd.

and I was totally expecting like this buffet cheap pizza deal, right?


hoooly crap it was soooo fancy. like with the multiple fancy glasses w/the thin stems and all those forks and butter in the shape of flowers and everything! and so I went and there was a napkin folded all pretty in my coffee cup and a nice green garden salad on the plate. so then we ate the salad and then WAITERS in those penguin suits came out and cleared the tables and then served us the main course which was grilled chicken with sauce and vegetables and rice and woooow it was soooo goood. oh and before this was bread, too. and then after that we had desert which was this FABULOUS lemon meringue pie with raspberry sauce dizzled artfully and there was a display of flowers in the middle of the table and then we had coffee and discussed things. and I was at a table with sooo many professors. x__x

and so that took like two hours. then we had to walk around and tour utd and we will get our comet cards (?) sometime. whatever the hell those are. anyway. and then puneet called me and said he was feeling sick so I didn't even have to do anything!


and I think you are watching alias right now. >=(

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i'm hungry. but not that hungry. because i ate too much french toast and if i eat anything now i will throw up. so why am i hungry? ugh another bad habit to pick up, this great w00by love blog i should probably drop xanga except maybe read subs.
so tomorrow 1-5:30 = alias party
tuesday = you can't do it
wednesday = quad c
thursday = maybe
friday = san antonio


so i will go watch sisterhood with a friend.
you should watch alias. really.

ok bye BIG moron!

<3, little moron!

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you had better post a lot, you moron.

anyway. so what happened today.

nothing much, really.

got up at like 9.45 and realized needed to get my butt in gear so I went downstairs and ate a sandwich that I pilfered from race for the cure. yes I am that cheap.

soooo theeeen what happened. right. went to didy's and picked her up and went to mall where JUST WHEN I GOT THERE you called me. so anyway bought tickets and watched sisterhood which was a goooood movie to watch with a friend.

SPEAKING OF MOVIES my mom ordered the notebook for me so that makes so many movies that you have to come over and see. so there are the five star wars movies, the notebook, and when harry met sally. wow oh wow.

right. so then afterwards shopping of course. went to gap and didy got a tank and a cami and I got a black shrug b/c of prt. then went to banana republic where I saw my dress. =) and then we went to express and guess and didy got another cami there. then didy left and my mom came and I made her get me the gap bag and the dress and then we went to ultimate electronics and wingstop. omg wingstop's atomic chicken is so freaking great it is the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my life I almost cried it was so great.

then I came home and ate and almost cried b/c it was so good. and then I came upstairs and no one was on except susie so I talked to her for a while then I got bored and went downstairs to talk to my mom but then fell asleep on her bed. harhar.

hmm I think kailing and I have safely drifted apart now b/c I don't feel obligated to try to talk to her/include her in activities. so it makes me feel so guilty but it's kind of a relief to me b/c that means I don't have to keep on making conversation, you know? bah I am a horrible friend.

sooo. the bath and body works sale lasts a month! june 6-july 5. so no hurry there. soooo wednesday night, eh?

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