Saturday, May 06, 2006

sporadic posting

or more like... I dunno. I can't find the word right now. compulsive? whatever.

anyway, I have done nothing productive today.

I must study tomorrow.

it's so sad how I can't study at home anymore; I'm far too distracted by the computer.

and that is why I am so thankful jefferson invented public libraries! (or at least I think it was jefferson. who knows. I'm well on my way to forgetting all my american history.)

buuuuuuut. I'm reading another story. haha. this is so sad. me, not the story. well, kind of the story. it had like, no exposition.


until maybe in an hour or two more or whatever when I feel compelled to post again.


Blogger Chuan said...

oh computer... what a great temptation you are )=

i can only study in front of one when there's someone else with me pushing me to study -__-

6:46 PM  

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