Wednesday, May 03, 2006

death comes in the form of a test

man I hate calculus. a lot. a lot a lot. I cannot believe I took calculus this year. who was it who talked me out of taking AB? oh yeah. the damned precal class.

okay. I will still get a five. but still. what the hell. I'm pissed. at the test.

and after that my brain died. really died. really really really died. I didn't even know what was going on in english. I think holsinger thought I was having problems. which I was. and josh was being his usual retarded self. which did not make things any better. especially since I have to work with him. god, why do you hate me. probably because I don't capitalize anything. except I. haha.

umm. I really love my calculus class. they're really nice people. hendricks gave us the day off and I was trying to find someone to talk to before I realized that wow. there are only five girls in the entire class. me, perini, erin, iris, and lucy. so then I watched some guys play f nodes and then I talked to eric some. then I went back to my desk and fell asleep, and when I woke up I realized dan was gone. actually I didn't wake up until erin asked me what was wrong. then we started talking about random crap. like acdec and how annoying asian girls are. then iris and morgan and eric joined the conversation, and perini was just listening in. yup. then after class mrs hendricks came up to me and talked to me.

then physics was crap. as usual. I don't really remember doing anything. probably sleeping.

then after school I talked to eliz for an hour or so, then I went to cccc to find a book (not what I had expected it to be) then I came home.

now I am completely unmotivated to study for the calc test tomorrow. I also do not want to study for apush. I don't really want to study for much of anything.

I wish summer would just hurry up and come.

then I can sit around and read all day...


Blogger Chuan said...

hehe, i remember being all "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" at the people who wanted to take cal ab XD

but hey, if you're gonna get a five, that's one less test you have to worry about (=

11:07 AM  

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