Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the bio exam of doom

or, the exam itself wasn't bad. well, actually, I don't really remember much of the exam; I think I was still way too shocked to really concentrate.

so I woke up to the sound of my brother in the bathroom, and I remember thinking, "wow, this is odd. he's up really early today." then I looked at my alarm clock, and I only saw the minute, not the hour. which was 43. and I thought, "wow. lots of time to get to school."

then I heard my parents yelling for my brother to hurry up or else he would be late to school, and I was very confused. so I actually looked at the clock, and it said 7:43. and I jumped out of bed, pulled on some clothes, and was out the door in two minutes. my parents were kind of worried.

so then I called grace, and she said, "oh my god!" and she got to school at around eightish.

and then god must really have hated me because the lights all along legacy were out. I tried coit, independence, and custer, and everywhere was backed up past hedgcoxe. and it was already eight.

so then I was on the phone with grace and she was saying, "where the hell is our room? where's b246??" and I had no idea where it was; I was stuck at legacy!

so then finally some policemen get to the damn intersection and I get to school at like 8.15, half an hour after I was supposed to get there. I didn't even grab my backpack, and I just ran into school. the zero hour kids were looking at me funny; I was this bright turquoise thing dashing across the parking lot.

so I get inside the building and I had no idea where b246 was, so I kept running around, and of course it's where I run to last. and this woman was at the door about to close it, and she saw what a hurry I was in, and she asked me if I was sunshine. I said I was and she let me in then closed the door. and the other woman proctor was already reading instructions.

so the woman at the door said, "show me your ID, and get your pencils and erasers out." then she pointed my seat out to me, and the woman reading the instructions came over and patted me on the back and told me to take it easy.

I was so relieved. it was amazing. the proctors in my english testing room were so mean; if this had happened a week ago, I would have missed the test.

so. in conclusion, those two women really deserve to go to heaven.


Blogger Chuan said...

imagine what you'd have been like if you had missed the test )=

oh well, if you don't remember it, maybe it means you did well!

forgive me and this crappy comment worth 2 hours of sleep -__-

8:11 AM  
Blogger y said...

oh god. you've had that quote of grace's in your profile for so long that when i read the title of your post i immediately though "condom of doom"


7:25 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

i did not immediately think "condom of doom." in fact, i did not think of that at all.

9:40 PM  

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