Monday, November 13, 2006

until midnight

I have five minutes to midnight (according to my watch). I will take these five minutes to write a post, after which I will go take a much-needed shower and work on my sts essays, which I have yet to start and need to finish before 6pm monday.

So my hair is a lot longer than I thought it was. I think about a month ago suddenly people started telling me my hair was long, and it was a pretty sudden onslaught. It was very dramatic. It wasn't just a few people here and there; it was a lot of people here and lot of people there. So I wonder. Do people subconsciously have a standard for long? Probably. Wow. Question and answer.

Instead of sleeping at nine last night, I reached up above my head and randomly grabbed a book. Usually I have pretty boring stuff stuffed in my bedstand (aka Jackie's beach books from a few years ago) for times when I would like to get to sleep quicker than it would otherwise have taken me, but yesterday I grabbed New Moon, the sequel to Twilight. Also from Jackie, btw. So I started reading and finished the book at two. I've reconnected to my love for vampire romances. Sigh. My favorite vampire book is probably still Sunshine. Even without the totally awesome title. =)

Now I will go shower and do what I should have done yesterday. Or actually, Friday evening.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

waiting for november to be over.

Holy moly why am I so horrible at getting work done. Finished. Whatever. I've realized that with the amount of work I have every night, I could actually sleep by midnight if I just used my time wisely instead of playing minesweeper or reading Harry Potter fic or reading the MIT blogs or... I don't even know what I do. Check my email. Put off emailing my professor. (Who by the way wrote me a recommendation with 17 hours' notice. I love her so much.)

I have been seriously neglecting this blog. What if one day way in the future I decide to read what my high school life was like and all I come across is a freaky picture of me, Yini, and Didy. Oh. And ten gazillion twin day pictures. I can't believe we've forgotten/neglected to record two twin days!!

Okay. So yesterday I woke up at 7.30 without an alarm clock (amazing, isn't it) and got to school relatively early. I forgot what I did. Maybe physics. Or the econ worksheet. Or maybe I looked over my stats equations. Who knows. Then Didy came and I was not in a talking mood so I continued doing whatever it is I was doing. I think she got kind of ticked so she went off to find the guys who "only talk to me to ask me about homework." Okay. Then I went to econ and touched up my half-life lab for chemistry during the lecture. I remember this because Grace asked me what I was working on when I went to put it back up in my bag.

In chem there was more awkwardness between me and Kailing. There is everyday. I talked to Whitney and Christina about shopping and clothes. Whitney was horrified at the realization that "I'm repeating clothes already! I need to go shopping!" She was also wearing a top with a button that did not have a corresponding hole. That really irked me. Then we did our... something lab. Something that's supposed to teach us hybridization, I think. I'm not sure it did a very good job of it. Ning and I kind of guessed our way through it, but I think we picked up what hybridization was somewhere along the way because when we went up to show MSG our packet she said everything was correct. Hooray. Two hours not wasted.

In English we read Hamlet. It was pretty fun. I realized I've missed Shakespeare. I much prefer Shakespeare to Greek/Roman poetry. I would like to get back to some prose, though.

Gabriel sat with us at lunch. We played musical chairs because Gabriel was not supposed to have been there taking up a chair. Since Grace loves me so much, she made me scoot over so I was sitting next to Gabriel and she sat between me and Amy. Thanks, Grace. I appreciated the opportunity to get more Gabriel cooties.

Then I took the stats test which was pretty damn ridiculous. Those random numbers at the bottom got me so confused... and the simulation. What the hell. I'm going to stop thinking about it.

Physics... more Gabriel. He really needs to stop patting my head. If he pats my head at TJSHS, I'm going to throw something at him. Maybe accidently on purpose stab him with a fork when we eat.

French was boring as usual.

Then I had to go run to catch the DART to SMU. I read Act II on the way there. I talked to my professor, who gave me the rec. Aww. I've already said how much I love her. Then she walked me to the new lab (they relocated to the biology building because the basement is getting renovated). I looked for Hongmei but she was in the library preparing for a presentation. So I talked to Weihua and Dr. Hua some more. They are some kind of awesome. They're so supportive.

Then I caught the bus to Mockingbird. On the way there, I conversed with some white guy who decided to go back to college to get a chemistry degree. I went to GAP to look for Jackie. Waited around for half an hour but she didn't show, so I caught the 6.27 train back to Parker Road. I went to Chipotle to meet up with my parents and we had dinner, then I came home and called Jackie to make sure she was still alive (because she had my problem bank, you see), and a phone call that was supposed to last about two minutes, "Hey were were you?" "Driving." "Hey can you give my problem bank to Ning in zero tomorrow?" "Sure." "Thanks. Bye." "Bye." ended up taking almost two hours. So then I decided I really did not want to study for physics (there's stats, after all) and I went to sleep.

SIGH. I'm tired.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006