Tuesday, August 29, 2006


on next tuesday? 60% chance, says weather channel. EHEHE time to wear GAP =)))))) ok? ok!!!

dude...SCHOOL SUCKS T-T i wish we didn't have assessments. then everything would be okay. except i wouldn't learn as much. but still...so much less stressful! and maybe i still would learn a lot if it were like the norm for everybody to learn without being forced to. b/c then i would have to conform and get myself educated. BUT HATE TESTS/TIMED WRITINGS/QUIZZES.

i need to shower

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grace is such a great friend

april 30, 2006

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

my boring boring boring day

was really really really booooooring.


it was all eat solitaire solitaire minesweeper solitaire homework homework homework life sucks! homework homework really lame joke homework homework homework eat shopping! homework delaaaaaaaaay homework solitaire solitaire solitaire minesweeper minesweeper minesweeper fruitee spice solitaire solitaire minesweeper homework solitaire solitiare solitaire solitaire minesweeper homework magazines.


man I am really really really bored.


damn type too slowly.



okay fraaaaaaaaaaaaaanch.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I would really like to sleep...

but I don't feel like I've studied enough. boo.

some state park in the middle of nowhere. my mom hates water (even more than I do). notice my brother is oar-less. what a lazy bum. plus he's sitting in the steering seat. >=(

beavis and butthead. and the calculus book. and I was showing them the poster of the largest known prime as of now.

my mom in her office. she has a stereo system, three computers (including a laptop which is not in these pictures), and three printers. how much could she possibly have to print?

lulu, yini, and jackie being themselves. aka retarded.

schedule pick up. before we had feeseeks tests... too bad we both look retarded in this picture.


I'll post more pictures later. maybe.

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fruitee spice (12:04:42 AM): me too....
fruitee spice (12:04:45 AM): T-T
fruitee spice (12:04:57 AM): maybe we're too used to not studying for physics
fruitee spice (12:05:02 AM): pre-ap totally did not prepare us...
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:05:57 AM): yeah...
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:08:54 AM): everything looks so good on skinny ppl
fruitee spice (12:09:01 AM): srsly =(
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:09:02 AM): except I dunno
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:09:05 AM): maternity clothes?
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:09:06 AM): =__=
fruitee spice (12:09:12 AM): lol
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:09:53 AM): dude banana republic is so polished
fruitee spice (12:10:13 AM): OMG you bad
fruitee spice (12:10:36 AM): baaaad bad bad baaaad
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:10:37 AM): that made me actually laugh
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:10:38 AM): hahahahaha
fruitee spice (12:11:17 AM): lol
fruitee spice (12:11:22 AM): b/c you knew you were bad
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:11:29 AM): you just sounded so shocked
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:11:30 AM): hahahahaha
fruitee spice (12:11:31 AM): actually i looked at ae and gap yesterday
fruitee spice (12:11:33 AM): hahaha


fruitee spice (12:26:06 AM): hmm i like the plain stretch t's they're really comfortable
fruitee spice (12:26:10 AM): well i only have one
fruitee spice (12:26:12 AM): but it's really comfortable
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:26:41 AM): from gap or ae?
fruitee spice (12:26:50 AM): gap
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:26:55 AM): hehe I have one
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:26:57 AM): in carmine red
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:26:59 AM): ehehehehehehe
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:27:09 AM): that was my first carmine red article of clothing
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:27:14 AM): bought it for 9.99
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:27:19 AM): back when I still bought shirts for 9.99
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:27:20 AM): =__=
fruitee spice (12:27:36 AM): lol
fruitee spice (12:28:49 AM): OMG
fruitee spice (12:28:51 AM): you baadd
fruitee spice (12:28:52 AM): =(
fruitee spice (12:28:59 AM): must...do physics
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:29:04 AM): me good
fruitee spice (12:29:07 AM): you bad
fruitee spice (12:29:18 AM): YOU BAD
fruitee spice (12:29:35 AM): YOU REALLY BAD
DILAPIDATEDSHACK (12:29:41 AM): we so mature
Auto response from fruitee spice (12:29:41 AM): YOU BAAAD x 1000000000000000000000000000

ahahaha one day I will look at this and laugh at how retarded we are.

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small consolation

who cares about physics?

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


dalmations! My story begins in London, not so very long ago. Yet so much has happened since then that it seems like an eternity. At that time, I lived with my pet in a bachelor flat just off Regents Park. It was a beautiful spring day, a tedious time of the year for bachelors. Oh, that's my pet, Roger Radcliff, a musician of sorts. No, I didn't memorize this. I looked it up. Well I remembered the "that's my pet, roger radcliff" part.

anyhow, after that waste of time and energy....guess what I realized in the middle of my piano lesson?

i haven't seen my "love is in the air"shirt for quite a while. hope it didn't get lost or thrown away =((( i will go look for it after this

anyhow...last friday really sucked. and i haven't done ANY homework yet. so pretty much this weekend, i slept and made 45 bucks.

so according to some source, this might be on sale now. I HOPE

and hidden away in the back.

AND you should get this, sunshine!

i also like the new ae graphic tees.

T-T so materialistic. sigh


THE KILLERS! FINALLY, a single. album can't be far behind, right? like the song, don't understand the video.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

POST 100



last night I decided to sleep downstairs on the sofa because it's ridiculously hot upstairs. I sleep with a fan on every night. and then I get cold about halfway through the night and then I wake up and grope for a blanket. which is usually on the floor. except sometimes I knock stuff down onto the floor as I'm groping. so then I wake up completely and put everything back and get my blanket and refall asleep.

then this morning I woke up and looked at my watch and it said 8.45 and I got up so fast and ran upstairs and got dressed and as I was brushing my teeth I saw that my brother's door was still closed, which struck me as odd because he has marching band. and that was when I realized that lo and behold, it's saturday. then I got undressed and went back to sleep on the sofa.

then I got up when my parents started cooking breakfast. then I ate and went to the library where arun was and so I worked on econ and physics until six. which is actually pretty sad since it was only 17 pages of reading and 3 questions and I only did 2 physics problems. ahaha. =__= would have gotten more done if I sat by myself, but arun is a pretty interesting person to talk to. very mellow... I think I'll go to haggard tomorrow. maybe. probably not. probably going back to davis. SOMEONE/ANYONE SHOW UP, PLEASE. I'll be there the entire time!

grey's anatomy season premier on september 21!

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Friday, August 18, 2006


I remember thinking to myself in december of 2004 as I was cleaning out my first semester stuff, "this is a very very important sheet of paper. I will need this in my senior year. I'd better put it someplace safe." so I did put it someplace safe. and forgot about it. and now it is senior year. and I remember thinking there was something important I left myself 20 months ago. except. 1. I don't know what it is, exactly, and 2. I have no idea where I put it.

so now I have no idea if it really is a very important sheet of paper or if I just thought it would be important but really isn't. therefore, even though I have five tests/quizzes tomorrow (today) and I am really sleepy and only skimmed the last 300 pages of C&P and didn't even start studying for econ or french yet, I spent the last hour and a half searching through all my piles and piles of paper from previous school years.

it turns out I am one major packrat. I have all my stuff back to third grade. all in different piles and folders and binders around the house. and my house has a lot of spiders.

STILL NO PAPER. or rather, lots of paper, but not the right paper.


and then I kept jabbing sharp corners into my burn from chemistry, so now it hurts like hell and is throbbing.


hahaha so last year my password at pshs was 'happyday,' and every time I logged on I had to type that and I always thought, "this is so not a happy day." so this year my password is 'lifesucks,' and every time I log on I think, "eh, it's not so bad right now." ahahahaha. =__= life probably will begin to suck very very soon. it's only the second week, after all.

okay yeah I should go study...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

aaaah school

I do not think mrs. hines likes me very much. I think she knows me as the person who covered her ears when gabriel sang and the person who always works on other homework in her class. each day when she comes around to check everyone's homework she asks me which subject I am or am planning on working on that day. =__=

other classes are fine. classes are cold. outside is hot. I think we should move toward an equilibrium temperature. aha. ha. okay that didn't even make sense. this is what happens when I try to be clever.

english is rather painful right now. I have absolutely no idea what the poems are saying. terrell asked me, "what does the line 'No one ever thanked him' make you feel?" and I very intelligently said, "what does it make me feel? like the author's tone?" uh. what? I have no idea. then she asked me again. and I said, "it makes me feel sad." very AP4-caliber stuff. try not to get too jealous.

other than that, life isn't too bad yet. except for the five tests/quizzes on friday. I only have six classes! how is this even allowed. don't we have a certain classes can only test on certain days to prevent this kind of thing from happening?

if there were more hours in the day, I would sleep more, finish rereading C&P, take calc3, and play.

or just bum around on the computer more.

I feel like I should start writing about stuff besides school and/or boredom. and/or shopping.

uh. I think I was supposed to get off the computer about an hour ago.

so after six long long LONG years the draco trilogy is finally completed. this was the fanfic that introduced me to the world of harry potter fanfic, y'all. the magnitude of this event cannot be overstated. and of course I had to go read the epilogue to find out who ends up with who, because why would I want to invest the time required to read over a thousand pages of fic to find out that the people I wanted to end up together didn't end up together? thankfully, everyone ended up with the right person so all's well in the world. this can wait until next summer. I figure one more year can't hurt much.

msg got really pissed at our class for breaking so many crucibles yesterday. ning and I went through the entire two hours not wearing close-toed shoes. oops? anyway, we ended up not doing everything exactly right so I don't think our data is going to turn out being precise nor accurate, which bodes extremely unwell for it being the first lab of the school year. that's okay.

this is school again.

maybe it will be better if I try to talk about a person.


was in my calculus class last year. got a perfect score on the sat. is going to olin. saw him after french today. he was on his cell. saw him again when walking with yini toward her bus trying to get physics data out of her (failed). very dedicated to compsci. makes amazing origami dragons. plays the flute. went to vines. got a 100 on the calc test that I got a 79 on. applied early to mit. is a math genius. was a clark scholar. prefers raspberry cheesecake over plain, turtle, and caramel. has two siblings. was a laser officer. leaves on 26th. knows sophia. did not take bio or chem. took apc. went to prom with jenny. went to taiwan and china this summer. congratulated me on getting a 6 on a txml and a 7 on aime. nice. helpful. very grounded. one of the only people who did not freak out after every physics test.

I think five people commented on the postcard shirt today.

tonight: finish C&P (320 pages), physics lab (calculations, graph, questions), physics packet, memorize polyatomics, chem packet

some summer stuff:
will have to wait until later because blogger does not want to load pictures and I do not want to restart.

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Monday, August 07, 2006


man I just could not fall asleep last night. so I started sketching/writing in a sketchpad I got from art in freshman year. the same one that melanie carried around all last year. it's a really nice sketchpad. actually this was after I read EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE in august vogue. which took around three hours. so that was 11-2. then sketching/writing/whatever until 4. and then I still did not feel a bit sleepy at all, so I started thinking about college apps. I wrote one sentence. around twelve words, I think. good job, I know.

then... I can't really remember what I did next. oh yeah. I might have started planning out an outfit for today. but I had to tread softly because my parents' bedroom is right underneath mine, and my mom is a really light sleeper. then I remember the morning shows began coming on the radio, so I guess it was five. and then I had this idea of sketching every single article of clothing I own. and then I read quick... and then I think I finally fell asleep somewhere around six or six thirty.

then I got up at nine thirty this morning... and jackie called, and I got online and printed out an ae coupon and talked to yini for about five minutes, then I was off. went to plano, waited for counselors, told to go to dr. dean, he wasn't in, made an appointment for 2, went to collin creek (nothing good at ae. they had the other two graphic t's that went with the surf t, and I was tempted but then that hand really disturbed me and the grey is very not me. they had flip flops, but none of the bamboo ones and none that were size seven or eight or six. and I wrote down kd's number on my hand last night, but I guess it rubbed off sometime during the night... nothing remarkable. ended up getting a brown tank top and flip flops. they had carmine red on them.) then went to hobby lobby to buy some elastic thread. I want jackie to smock those huge skirts so I can actually maybe wear them.

then went home, got my brother lunch, then went back to plano at 2. talked to dr. dean, went to cccc, found out there's a freaking long procedure. took a math placement test. it told me to take calc1. talked to the people, said I have to send official transcript with my ap scores on it and then maybe I can take calc3. =__=

and now I am home! and I need to look for criticisms.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

like a HUNGER, like a BURNIN

sigh, let's take a zero off that 1000. btw i realized i have cat crew training from 1-3 on friday! =( shall we meet after that? or before? ackkk

my summer's been even more unproductive than yours. i bet louisa's finished a ton of stuff. she's already finished a draft for invitees to nhs next year and the rest of us have like forgotten about it. she's very driven. anyhow...

hooray for yini coming back!! we can clean your closet together and go shopping right? that's a pretty good way to get over jetlag - forcing yourself to stay awake until night! yeahyeah

i am def. getting shoes. light green pumas i hope...

you know what. i am very indecisive. ok yeah i bet you knew

haha you know that stars and stripes forever post? that you named LAA LAA etc? while i was randomly scrolling through the blog, i thought that was mine. like i saw the title and the first line and i swear i made a post like that... but then i read on and i was like wait not mine?!

you didn't send me save tonight! i had to download it myself. and the guy's voice is very....ehhh. but it could grow on me.

tonight i need to do lesson 7 of my p.e. thing and finish poisonwood.

tomorrow lessons 8 & 9 & finish my copy of c&p.

friday get the right copy of c&p and school supply shopping.
[should i get the same ones as you? i admired them in the middle of last year at walmart but it was like...the middle of the year and i was like why would i get them now. but i also like the pearl stripe ones. well i'll see when i get there.] and then also clean your closet & go shopping

saturday go shopping again, read first 2 parts of right version of c&p (i know...so ambitious)

sunday read next 2 parts of c&p & lesson 10

monday read last 2 parts

tuesday get criticisms!!!

i know...sounds like cutting it close right?

but i got some "advice=finish reading 2nd summer reading book first because you'll have your timed writing on that far before any assessment of C&P"

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going to pot

our poor blog. =(


hooray for a week off! kind of. I cannot believe there is less than a week left before school starts. I cannot believe I actually have people in my classes this year. I'm kind of excited! haha. but I really do not want to apply for colleges nor do I want to write any more timed writings. OH WELL. I'm sure it'll all be great. maybe after first semester. oh but we're going to homecoming for sure this year, right? HOW EXCITING. hehe. I love your shirt idea. hahahahaha it'll be great. plus we should actually go to a football game someday. you know. just so we've been to at least one high school football game.

and hooray again for tax free weekend! hehehehe. I'm exciiiiiiiiited. FRIDAY. =D

so this summer has been a pretty unproductive summer for me. I have filled out zero applications, written zero essays, visited zero schools, and went to zero information sessions. good job.

I keep getting bored at home, but I never get bored enough to do something productive. like read c&p. or you know. the french art project. oh but you're in my french class again this year! so MAKE SURE I do not sign up for more than... two. art projects. (because a little stress is good, right?) HAHA.


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