Thursday, May 04, 2006

my 7up has gas

so i took the calculus test after studying for a grand total of about 2 hours yesterday and today, and...well i don't want to jinx myself, but i really didn't think it was very bad at all. i'm pretty sure i knew how to do everything...if i missed something, it would have been some stupid mistake. which often happens to me, so who knows.

it would be pretty ironic if i get a higher grade than i've ever gotten on a calc test on this one since it's the one i studied least for, but i'm hoping it'll happen anyway. then maybe i'll have an a this 6 weeks!

in other news, i hate vishal and his stupid answers which yini copied. he is not deserving of his always-right-in-history-and-life reputation. i shouldn't have changed those ones on the back! >=( yeah i'm pretty sure i won't have an a in apush this 6 weeks. and all i wanted was like a 92!

haha i'm looking at my school attendance report. i've had 7 school-related absences in 4th period. laaaaa

ok i should seriously be studying for apush. i think i want to sleep at 11:30 at the latest. but then...ahhh i was so close to not getting a 5 at the mock ap exam. maybe midnight, i'll still get over 6 hours of sleep. which is 2 more than usual, right?

next year i am definitely studying earlier and sleeping more during ap week.

haha who am i kidding, i'm still gonna cram.

EEEE mini skirts! i wish i had longer thinner legs. then i would own soooo many skirts! nonetheless, i definitely have to acquire that gauze skirt and the seersucker one too. unless they don't go on sale, haha. i'm such a bargain hunter. aka cheap.

Clafoutis à la Fraise i think we definitely have to make this someday. CLAFOUTIS A LA FRAISE!!

we could bring it to mrs. fischer...i feel sort of bad for just going there and eating her pie.


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Blogger SUNSHINE said...


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Blogger Chuan said...

oooh yay for easy cal tests! don't get a c please (=

vishal is always right... and even when he's wrong he'll make it seem like he's right. clever man!

studying early is for... other people... people who have grades that let them be more carefree about their tests =|

bleh, oh well. at least that thingy looks yummy (=

7:56 AM  
Blogger y said...

eeep sorry -__-

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