Monday, April 14, 2008

i love my big

Stephanie: hey dude
my back is killing me
me: hey dude guess what
Stephanie: wha
me: scientists have found stem cells in menstrual blood
Stephanie: whoaaaaaaaaa
me: stephanie i think you probably got too hyphy at that party
Stephanie: omg we had the weirdest discussion about periods in my class last wk
no, i got too crunk
my prof was born in zimbabwe but she moved here, and her mom kept making her wash her underwear separately when she got her periods
so, she had to wash them everyday (since they do that in zimbabwe i guess)
me: wow...
i guess tthey didn't have tampons or pads...
Stephanie: until her dad found out and was like "i shit in my pants and put them in teh washer with everyone else's stuff...just let her wash her stuff too!"
me: EW gross
Stephanie: i KNOW
but it was hysterical!
me: hahahahaha
Stephanie: btwubs, esther wants me to get you the feminal
me: i can't stop laughing at how disgusting that is
Stephanie: hahaha
me: why would i need a feminal
are we going on a road trip
Stephanie: i sent me the link
it's for when you're in class....
haha, she says she'll make everyone in the fam chip in
me: lol...yeah that's not awkward at all
Stephanie: we're so gross
me: hahahaha
yeah i don't know about class
but when i have to go on the road
Stephanie: lab?
me: ooh
yeah the men's room is like right across from me
Stephanie: feminal > urinal
me: but the women's room is way far away
Stephanie: exactly!
have you had dinner yet?
me: yeah
Stephanie: want to come to the stud later? i'll buy you ice cream
or a fruit salad

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Saturday, April 12, 2008


AHHHHHH i can't believe it's only been a year/it's been a whole year!! since i was first here!!! the energy on the campus is amazing and fun and the prefrosh are so cute. matt or someone wrote in their mit blog that despite some people thinking it's not real, it's just supersaturated...well iono. maybe i guess. it's like how i came here to orientation and thought that everyone is so super nice. which is not true. i mean, most of them really are nice, but cpw and orientation are definitely rosy lenses.

but i think my prefrosh really likes it. she's sort of a uhh like one of those really good kids who goes to bed at 10 every day lol. like we were up until 2 one day and she was like "this is the latest i've ever been up! well once i stayed up until 1 but that was because i had a project due the next day." haha but she's really smart and i think she would fit in pretty well here. i like her better than what i've heard of tracy's prefrosh lillian, who seems like she's only interested in partying. hope she hosts again next year and gets a good kid!! and i hope i get a good one again next year. because i am so doing it again. for once, my room is clean.

why do i have so much work =((( yeah obvs i'm trying to avoid it now, but also i haven't done this in a way long time and i think i should. so much has changed since then...people i thought i would keep in touch with since we're all here have drifted a lot, and people i never thought i would have met are my sisters now. speaking of, while there are some people who sometimes rub me the wrong way, the benefits have far outweighed anything bad. i am so incredibly glad i made that decision.

i also like living in mccormick and still think it's the best dorm, but as tracy and i were saying earlier today, there are prices to pay...for one, i feel like the housemasters are sort of judgmental about us...and they just happen to be our advisors. i was thinking about my relationship with them while taking some mit survey and if i had gotten to choose which advisor i would get, i would have chosen like...kirk kolenbrander. or someone cool. but yay at least we're getting new ones for our majors.

another one is like...i don't really have many close guy friends like i did in high school. but it's okay i guess, i was talking to ellen and she said she didn't really have any until junior year and now she has plenty...i guess you meet more when classes are smaller. but then all the guys i would meet would probably be course 7...which might be cool...or not. anyway, not having guy friends is still weird...

omg sometimes i wonder like how much people know about me. because i definitely facebook-stalk people but i think other people do it too.

new subject omg lipsync ahhh i hope we get our act together, i feel like we started late. plus everyone is so busy all the time.

oh new subject ahhh urop presentation. cathy and i really have to work on it. sigh i feel like if they ask me questions about procedure, i won't know them and i am somewhat scared. but yongting says they're really nice

omg i wonder when housing lottery is...i mean i could easily look it up but i'm lazy...i really hope tracy, melissa and i are able to get like a corner together. but that probably won't happen. also maybe jasmine. love her.

dude reading this post makes me look like i really do have add. but i don't!!! i'm just spontaneous, right?

dammit i was going to watch the office during this break before taste of cambridge

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