Tuesday, May 23, 2006

the picniccc

haha no one knew how to start a fire. twenty AP biology students, and we couldn't even get a damn fire started. even though we had lighter fluid, newspaper, and a lighter. how sad is that? (extremely sad.)

so I got there at 11.15, sat around for a while waiting for everyone to arrive. we played volleyball, basketball, soccer, cards, pretty much anything and everything. and then these little kids from skaggs came and took over our pavilion around noon, so we were kicked out into the burning sun. even though shep is the texas teacher of the year. we told that to the fifth grade teachers but I don't think they believed us. then we wanted to silly string them, but shep made us stop.

so we finally ate at two. har. then we went home at three. then I went to pick my brother up from rice. then I went to the library and then to bethany's house.


I've got a penchant for watching jane austen adaptations right now. I WONDER WHY. but boo, feeseeks.

someone come over thursday/friday and watch jane austen with me. pride and prejudice, emma, and sense and sensibility! okay, feeseeks for real now. (I'm still only on chapter 13!)