Saturday, May 20, 2006


so does anyone want to get clueless and/or mansfield park so I can watch them? =)

I got emma (1996) and shakespeare in love today. I really wanted mansfield park instead of shakespeare in love because 1) I've seen sil before and 2) it has a sad ending, but that was the last copy of sil, so I guess I can get mansfield park some other day.

someone get clueless!

I love jane austen. speaking of which, I got the jane austen book club at davis library today. hoorah. I got way too many things at davis library today. 14 items. faaaar too many.

yini and grace, you should come over someday and we'll have this crazy marathon of romantic comedies. like... when harry met sally, 10 things I hate about you, how to lose a guy in 10 days, sweet home alabama, legally blonde, emma, pride and prejudice, shakespeare in love, love actually, and some other movies I'm sure I've forgotten. intolerable cruelty? uh... and laws of attraction? =) then we can get together some other day and watch classic romances... like gone with the wind! and moulin rouge? chicago? (brokeback mountain?) I don't know those so well. I like romantic comedies. or maybe I just like romance. haha. I have a lot of romance movies.

aaaaaand I'm so excited about our biology picnic on monday!! =) I feel sorry for all the vines people who have to drive all the way to russell creek, though. haha. sucks for theeem. but man monday will be hot. even at noon. the high is 91 acc. yahoo weather, but they always underestimate, so I predict maybe 94. and we're going to play soccer and volleyball. aaah. sweat. evaporative cooling!

so get back to me about the movies. =)


Blogger Chuan said...

.....the romantic comedies...

i can just picture the mass brain cell destruction... brought upon by your lack of "50 first dates" which i happened to see on a flight along with win a date with what's-his-face tad hamilton?

i almost died -__-

3:45 AM  

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