Monday, May 15, 2006

still alive and kicking

okay, so I had a confrontation with didy (which I inititated; I'm so proactive), and I was going to say more about it the day it happened but now that it's days behind me I really don't have much commentary except that I've realized I can only confront people I don't care too much about. and that's not a disparaging comment (or I guess it is, but it's not meant to be). I just mean if both grace and didy were mad at me, I'd be more likely to confront didy than grace. or maybe didy is a bad person to substitute. lets say louisa. even though she scares the hell out of me when she's mad.

so this weekend was super unproductive. I had one thing to do the entire weekend (the bio lab write up), and I still ended up staying up until 3 this morning finishing it. and the end product was less than 700 words long.

but otherwise my weekend was good. I went to allen outlets with my mom, the mall with jackie and grace, and watched nine hours of pride and prejudice. =) and read a gundam wing fanfic. it was very good. all of it.

I've gotten not a lot of people to sign my yearbook. but those who did sign it usually ended up signing a lot. hmm. well, basically the girls signed a lot (bethany, yini, and 1010 all took up a page) and the guys signed about three sentences, and it seems like it's obligatory to comment on my name. I think worst was eric's comment, which read something along the lines of "ditto to dan's comment. have a nice summer and a great senior year." uh... okay.

oh but erin remembered that I got a 98 on my first calc test. =__=

umm... I should be either studying for french or doing the physics astronomy packet... but. I will do neither and instead go read another gundam wing fanfic.

so yeah. here's my long overdue post! there's not a lot of interesting things in my life.

oh but we had a party in calculus today. mrs hendricks made this super touching speech and she bought us lots of cheesecake and drinks. aww. I love her. we were all clapping and man. I love calculus. I love my class. =) I LOVE MY CLASS!!

oh, and I have an A in english for the semester!! holy moly how did this happen... I'm excited!! I had planned on a B+... so this means I don't have to do so well in physics. =)



Blogger Grace said...

me: still alive and grumbling

=) i'm so glad the school year's over, but i do hope next year's juniors are at least 5/6 as good as us. hmm that sounds quite presumptuous. OH WELL who's gonna read this.

hehehe someday i will draw the rest of the scene. actually i think i'll go reread that ONE chapter now. b/c i also have to read sisterhood. i should be reading camus instead but...oh well.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Chuan said...

holy moly a-time wastin'... then again i'm not one to talk =|

i always found it weird when people read the other comments on the yearbook before signing your own... it just makes you feel inadequate or miffed that blah person didn't write so much on yours XD

all calculus... how i will miss thee, for i am dropping cal 3 for linear algebra! huzzah!

11:46 AM  
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