Monday, July 31, 2006


OMGGG LUNCH. WHAT A BUMMER. >=((((((((((((((((((

but I found out that jack's in my english class. =)

so all in all, not too bad. except. LUNCH.

1. macro/gov, magavern (ning, didy)
2/3. chem, shipley-gerko (ning)
4. english, terrell (jack)
5. stats, hines; I think that's her name anyway (ning)
6. apc, anderson (grace, didy, jackie, louisa)
7. french, lubbers (grace, didy)

now I'm sleepy.... so I'll go to sleep! wow, such freedom. =D

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


I LOVE PLOTTING HEHEHEHEH. HOORAY FOR SCHEMES >=) we must successfully manipulate your parents into letting you go. OMGGGGG if you don't go i will be SO SAD.

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things to do before summer ends

  1. apologize to hongmei =__=
  2. go to yale information session (maybe, since originally beavis and butthead were going to pick me up at galatyn park and drive me to fort worth, but my mom is being motherly, so I may have to dart/TRE my way there if I go at all)
  3. try to get my mom to let me go to honors colloquium (EEEEEE)
  4. finish song of solomon
  5. reread C&P
  6. find crit for sos
  7. crit and precis for C&P
  8. read queen of glass
  9. read reason and romance
  10. watch my girl
  11. watch full house
  12. start french art project (HAHAHAHA seriously hopeful thinking here)

in other news... the group lunch today was reaaaaaally good. =D

hmm I also took pictures today but will upload some other time.

I'm getting a new camera!

I'm going to tyler today. >=( from noon to tenish.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


I'm the only one in the lab right now. everyone else is off lunching.

hmm. so yesterday I was in a pretty bad mood because of my mom. but then my mood got better because I rewatched the last episode of iswak and it was cute. and she was only quasi-retarded in that episode and not nearly as desperate. almost seemed normal.

but now I am again in a bad mood because I should be leaving for honors colloquium in six days but not anymore. >=( this means no pigeonhole theory stuff and no politics stuff and no free lunch and no rooming with ecarg >>>>>=(.


so now to keep my blood pressure fairly normal I'm reading song of solomon b/c it puts me to sleep, thus lowering blood pressure, thus balancing out high blood pressure from anger.

good job, sunshine. way to be productive.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

seals and crofts

july is dressed up!

haha i found out it's summer breeze that makes me feel fine. blowing through the jasmine in my mind!

adventures at kd today:
me, talking to one of the guys who's been working at kd for like 3 years: hey, you know lisa herrington?
him: yeah. why?
me: i remember the first time i came here, she told you you looked like an alien
him: WHAT? hahahha you were there?
me: yeah. i'm everywhere
other girl: she's omnipresent! ubiquitous! muahahha!
me: haha yeah

long pause

him: well YOU look like an alien!
me: uh yeah....maybe to an alien...
him: (thinks for like 5 seconds while i reminisce about alien eyelids, then starts laughing madly) hahahah that's the best comeback i've ever heard!!

-_______- anyway. that was pretty much the highlight of my day since there were like so many papers to file we could have built a rocket to the moon. not really, but maybe half that much. T-T but i broke down and got ice cream and chipotle. haha

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

takashi kashiwabara <3


okay, so I finished reading all the episode summaries and have concluded that it is a totally ridiculous drama. but he's so cute. aaaah. cutecutecutecute.

I should be asleep right now...

so tomorrow I have resolved to watch it started with a kiss!

but noooooo I should be rereading C&P...

okay who cares whatever.

aww he really is so cute. <3.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

feet...dead. hmmm looks like i have not undergone the wine-whine merger or whatever. which is why i say white and whale the way i do, i guess.

so yesterday night, i was like i should go to bed early (being around 1) since i was working all day today. but then i figured out how to play spider solitaire + i was watching meteor garden (finally finished) and also talking to random people so i went to bed around 4. but then i couldn't fall asleep! T-T so i was like i should read crime and punishment. but then i didn't want to so i read a couple chapters of tender is the night for an hour. which is not a beach book, although what i've read so far has occurred on a beach in france. fitzgerald seems to me sort of a pretentious writer. like he crafts these beautiful phrases but then i get the sense that he's like super proud of himself that he wrote those...or maybe my brain was just tired.

and then today i woke up at 7:55 to get ready to go to work, which starts at 8:15. because i took over paul's shift since he had to take some exam or whatnot. which meant i was working 13 and a quarter hours today. cha-ching! however, i stupidly decided to wear those green flip-flops with the fabric on top (you know what i'm talking about right - of course -_-), which would have been not too comfortable, but bearable, for one shift. not for two T-T the bottoms are hard. anyway right now my heels are killing me.

so i was ready to go by 8:05. BUT MY DAD was still walking the dog. and didn't get back until 8:10. and i was like ok ok just 5 minutes late. but then he takes forever puttering about the house so i finally end up leaving the house at the time i was supposed to get to work. but somehow i got there around 8:20ish so it was ok. and then i worked all day, mostly with neema dad (persian kid). i think he's gonna be a junior at east next year, and he's wayyyy taller than me. and has nice hair. he's so freaking happy all the time (not in a bad way) and always tries to talk to the students. and they're so unresponsive. i'll be like "do you want a 5 minute break now?" and nobody will even nod or shake. -_- kids

and then worked til late, 9:30 i was finished. which is the normal time to get off. and so i call home, nobody has even LEFT THE HOUSE. so my dad didn't get there until 9:50ish b/c my brother is not very quick at delivering messages (i bet he was playing some stupid computer game like...halo-type game). anyway...long day, but i'm still pretty awake! even after 3 hours of sleep and 13 and a half hours of work. $108. before all those deductions at least T-T yayy....should i go for a $200 or $300 camera? don't wanna spend more than that.

oh yeah! and today i successfully resisted chipotle AND wendy's. because in the morning i made a resolution to stop spending money on food. i look like i'm pregnant anyway. but i really wanted a burrito. maybe i should just stop carrying around money =( but i made a decision and stuck to it with AN IRON RESOLVE.

oh yeah sunshine my parents told me that greyhound buses are dangerous, especially for girls (i hate hearing that.) and they would rather carpool. what do you think?

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beavis and butthead

I went out for lunch with them, and butthead is the unsafest driver I have ever met.  holy moly I must have gotten like ten grey hairs from being in the car with him.  he does these crazy lane changes, always goes at least fifteen over the speed limit, drives with his knees, and turns around and talks to beavis in the backseat.  man I thought I was going to die.  and beavis spent the entire ride going, "NONONO SLOW DOWN" and "DRIVE WITH YOUR HANDS.  HAAAAAANDS."  it was actually pretty funny, once I got past the certain death part.
so we were searching for a taco bell since I told them I had never been there before, and we drove all the way down to arapaho down greenville.  no taco bell.  so we ended up going to cici's where beavis treated us all to lunch.  I felt bad.  but then it's even more awkward trying to pay someone back when they obviously don't want you to pay him back.  so I ended up just thanking him about ten times.
and then on the way back we stopped by seven eleven for free slurpees.  and today is also giang's birthday, so we wanted to bring some back to the lab for her.  =__=  bad idea.  I spilled it all over my jeans.  but of course butthead was more worried about his car than about my jeans.  "You look like you peed in your pants," he said.  As if I didn't realize that already.  plus it's his fault for driving like a maniac.
and beavis just came into the room, buried his head in his arms, and curled up on the chair.  I have no idea what's wrong with that kid.
oh, and they just got to integration in their calculus course.
but they told me some pretty funny stories during lunch.  apparently one year (not this year) they went to that gaming convention thing that just came through grapevine, and there was a raffle at the end of it.  and the way you got raffle tickets was you donate one canned good item for one ticket.  so they asked the guy in charge if they could donate ramen and have it count, and the guy said they could.  so they got a friend who was in stats to calculate the odds of them winning, then they went to walmart and bought 430 bags of ramen.  then they got back to the hotel about five minutes before the raffle began, and they had to use those bellboy trolley things to get all the bags up to where the raffle was being held.  and they got there and the people said they were too late, but they refused to be turned away and got 430 raffle tickets.  but one of the rules was that one person can't win more than one item, and they had five people all together, so when they had already won four items they just turned to some random kid and told him that if he went up there to collect one of their prizes, he could get the crappiest item they got.  so the kid agreed.  so they ended up giving the kid a 1gb flash drive.  but like halfway through the raffle the people realized that they were winning most of the items (they won like 7/15 or something in the end), so they tried giving away crappy items.  but other people won those.  so anyway they ended up winning six items for five people somehow.  and then that day the kid found out he got accepted to stanford, so beavis and butthead and co. took him out to dinner.  and they told me all the stuff they won but I forgot.  so they ended up selling everything on ebay and got a few hundred dollars for them, then they split it.
maaaaaan.  then they told me a story about the salvation army adopt-a-kid thing they did, but I'll have to write about that some other day.  and also about the weekend wendy's was giving out free frostys and they ended up getting 135 free frostys.  =__=

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boooooo I'm hungry =(

man I was so tired yesterday for some inexplicable reason.  veeeeeeeery inexplicable.  heh.
I slept like three hours at smu in the afternoon.  it was craaaazy.  I think everyone thought I was sick, so I got to leave at 4.30.
then I went home and ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch at 7.  got up at 11, washed my hair, read 60 more pages of C&P, and went to sleep at 1.
oh I read 112 pages of C&P yesterday!  for once I actually did what I told myself I was going to do.  very good, sunshine.  you deserve a pat on the back.  and a gold star.
hmm.... I want to read me some fictionpress... but I gotta finish C&P!  okay.  if I finish another 100 pages today, I will go home and read something fun at night.  then tomorrow I will finish the book, then thursday I will start light in august, then.... who knows.  I'm only reading that b/c I already have a copy of it at home.  boo.
and I think some library books are due today, so I'll go return them.  and I also think ever after is due sometime soon, so I'll go return that, as well.
but now I'm going to go eat.  hooray!
and maybe someday soon I will go back to albertson's and get some more candy.  and nail polish.  maybe I'll bring my mom.  >=)

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Friday, July 07, 2006


so I've been preeeeeeeetty scarce lately, even to jackie, who I see at least once every other day. (oh the joys of living within minutes of each other.)

so this entire week I've been working with this enzyme 7-HSDH which is pretty much the worst enzyme on the face of the earth. it has a real name, but that's what I've been labeling all my tubes (test, not fallopian, haha I know) with so I have no idea what it is but I do have the paper at the lab.

and holy moly it's so freaking gay. it has to be grown in plyss (one of the host types), which is annoying as hell because it's really really sticky, so I can never tell if I've lysed the cells completely or not. okay but that's not the really horrible part.

so monday tuesday and wednesday were okay because it was just growing and harvesting the cells (even though I had to go in on independence day! and I woke up late so I had to go in the afternoon boo on me). then yesterday I began the enzyme purification process, and this stupid thing has to be centrifuged five times. plus it has to be centrifuged at 15,000 rpm, and the centrifuge in our lab (the chem lab) only goes up to 13,200 rpm, which meant I had to use the centrifuge in the biology lab. which means I had to walk. which was gay enough by itself, but then the freaking centrifuge was booked for pretty much the entire day, so I had to carve out little 30-minute segments in there when I could centrifuge.

and then it had to be ammonium sulfate precipitated three different times, and each time you do ammonium sulfate precipitation it takes about an hour. but first before all that it had to be heat treated with the bacteria stirred at 70 degrees C for 30 minutes in a hot water bath, but the bottom of the beaker with the bacteria in it couldn't touch the bottom of the beaker with the water in it, so I had to hold it for half an hour. my hand pretty much died, but the good thing is I was wearing gloves so at least it came out super soft.

I had gone in early yesterday (around 8, as opposed to my usual 9) so I could leave early, but I ended up leaving at 8.30. then today I went in a bit earlier than usual (8.30) so I could leave early, but I ended up leaving at 6.30 because the STUPID STUPID STUPID diafiltration took six freaking hours.

beavis and butthead are so freaking retarded. they signed up to take calc over distance learning with stanford (wtf calc is not something to take over distance learning), and they had three months to complete nine assignments. so they got their stuff may 1, so it's all due aug 1. and right now they're still struggling through lesson 2. related rates! man they haven't even gotten to integration yet. it's ridiculous. I think I ended up doing pretty much the entire lesson for them. okay but they're pretty sweet because they invited me to go out to lunch with them (which I declined b/c I brought some frozen food there so I could save time and leave early, damn it all) plus they come keep me company in the lab when I'm doing my stuff.

oh wow I haven't even written about who all is in the lab now.

so there's:
monica, who is hispanic and has really nice jeans. I swear that was the first thing I noticed about her. she has so many pairs of seven jeans. anyway. and abercrombie. ANYWAY. she's super nice and so helpful and makes me feel really guilty for not being happier about working in the lab. she got a job at some hospital so now she only comes in every once in a while. she and her boyfriend are so cute together. and they're one of those ridiculously happy couples. awww.

hongmei, who just came back from china and has really nice hair. it's wavy (she got it permed) and really really cute. she teaches me chinese sometimes and makes me correct all her english mistakes. communication here is sometimes a problem when she doesn't know the word in english and I don't know the word in chinese. good thing weihua has a handheld chinese/english translator. she thinks students in america "are not under a lot of pressure" because "everyone can get into a college!" and she has a younger sister who "sometimes doesn't go to sleep until one or two in the morning!" I don't know how she has a younger sister with the one child thing. despite all this, she is really nice.

then there's weihua, who also just came back from china (I keep thinking he and hongmei are engaged, but they're not living together and neither of them have a ring but they went to china together...?). he's usually gone for half the day (actually from 1.30-5) because he's a TA. he got stuck with beavis and butthead. haha. there's not much to say about him. he's looking for a used car right now. he keeps falling asleep at the lab bench. his phone is the same as the one I lost. my favorite shirt of his is this green striped shirt. oh and he wears socks with sandals, which doesn't look as odd on him as it would on other people.

kathy, who is the postdoc and pretty much tells everyone what to do. I can't figure out her age, but she has an 11-year-old daughter. but her husband looks super old. who knows. she's one of those overly talkative people whom one should never ask for clarification or instructions because she'll go on talking for ten minutes when you got the point in the first thirty seconds.

giang, whose name is actually pronounced "yan". her family used to own the pho on parker and coit. her mom also used to do nails, so she gives me a lot of tips about nails. because of her, my nails are now square tipped.

chandrani, who works in the lab only sometimes and once made me grow culture for her three days in a row. exploiter.

heba, who I think is jewish and is always really really serious and working. makes me feel bad.

beavis and butthead, whose real names are eric and suraj, as I learned today from peeking in their lab notebooks.

but the good thing is I read about 300 pages of C&P at SMU this week. hoorah.

my todo list is pretty much the same as yours. sigh.

I also want to go shopping this weekend, though I should seeeeeeeeeeriously refrain. in the past two weeks I got like 28 articles of clothing. and that's just what I counted in my room. there's also stuff down in the wash. T__T;;

but we should go to the taste of dallas!

and man you are UNREACHABLE. are you okay? I tried calling you twice today but got your message thing. and now you're not online! okay I'll try calling again in the morning.

(and I broke down and watched P&P on wednesday night. =__=)

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

post number 84

somehow i don't think we're gonna make it to 1000...

i got another free pink panty coupon today. BUT STILL MAD about not getting to use that other one. after i felt so bad about taking it too.

i don't want to take my senior picture T-T

today i finally got to touch the babies! their hair is so freaking soft it's insane. SO SOFT!!! and i made them stop crying. aww. by giving them pacifiers haha. and i helped one get a sponge bath. she had nice blond hair but while she was taking her bath she was all red and splotchy, so the blond hair looked really weird. and watched the nurse change her diaper =X it was not a pretty sight. i sort of never want to change a diaper. oh yeah, and i saw chris countless times today. ok actually i counted and it was 14. on the board his name was beside RT. does that stand for respiratory therapist? i even saw him on the 2nd floor where i work in the afternoons. which was very odd b/c i thought he was always on 3rd floor. anyway, i wouldn't have seen him if i didn't decide to go out and get a cup of coffee b/c it is so cold in the nicu. sometimes the parents are like "omg is my baby going to catch a cold" but they're pretty much always bundled up pretty tightly. plus those babies are really warm anyway. so cute =D and i stole a DNR sticker and stuck it on the back of my badge hehe. nobody's gonna see it though so i'm safe.

things i've accomplished this summer:
worked at kd
worked at hospital
watched a lot of dramas
read 3 parts of _crime & punishment_ with the wrong translation

so far i have watched:
Love Contract
1/2 Devil Beside You
2/3 Meteor Garden

Must finish:
1/2 Devil Beside You
1/3 Meteor Garden

May watch:
Meteor Rain
Meteor Garden 2 (are those different things?)
The Rose
Seventh Grade (if I can find it)

things i've yet to accomplish:
Read _Crime and Punishment_
Find a litcrit/ write precis
Read _The Poisonwood Bible_, litcrit
College applications
College essay
P.E. credit
Figure out how to use MS Access so I don't fail BCIS exam

i suck at being productive
i want to go shopping on sunday.

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