Thursday, May 04, 2006

bio and calc, my loves


uhh I have a 92 in the class right now. with a 96 test average. and like a 96 problem session average. which means... my daily average (20% of my grade) is super duper low.

I would calculate how low it is but I'm too lazy.


hendricks says she's going to throw out some of the in class problem sessions we did.


I think I can stop repeating that now. I'm pretty sure you all know I love hendricks.


so the highlight of my day was definitely biology. shep went to some luncheon thing so we had eakes as the sub (as always). but she likes me so it's all good.

we were supposed to be studying for the ap exam (on monday!), but I was really burned out (still am), so I just wandered around the room and talked to kreb. and bought a chocolate muffin. it was really really good. anyway.

have I ever told you about kreb?

if not, here it is.

they're a group of four people: katherine, lauren, jennifer, and brett. they're all white seniors, and they call themselves the kreb cycle. or for short, kreb. it's really odd. everyone in the class refers to them collectively as kreb. and shep is queen kreb.

and what's even odder is that they're all really focused students. like, whoa.

so today katherine and jennifer drew this gigantic penis. HUGE. it was like, three computer sheets taped together. really detailed, too. and then they made an envelope for it and addressed it to shep. and stapled it on the wall by shep's desk. she's supposed to open it tomorrow, which makes me sad because I'll be ap testing when she does.

and they wrote, "from kreb." and then andrew harris added below it, "modeled by andrew harris."

then we sat around and talked about... random crap. OH. and found the coolest sunglasses ever: it's some crazy stuff.

so I've read two pages in princeton review. hooray!

I'm really going to miss my bio and calc classes. the two senior classes. =(

so. after I finish reading this chapter of apush, I'm going to compile a list of all the completed stories I've found. =)

and I've noticed how yini usually doesn't actually comment to the post itself but just writes some random fact about herself or something she's noticed.


Blogger Chuan said...

ho ho ho, how i WISH my cal average was like that... instead we get to rely on the fact that an "A" on a test is somewhere around the 80-ish region

that, and my daily (homework) average aint that hot either... poop

kekeke kreb sounds too leet 0_o gaaah, i wonder if she'll leave it up there! then people can take pictures... bwhaha

yini's a pro commentator, of course. commenting on the post itself is for... chumps?

8:01 AM  
Blogger y said...

...good thing or bad?

7:55 PM  

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