Sunday, May 07, 2006

pom pom pom pom pom

i'm looking at my bright pom pom keychain, haha.

anyhooo....i thought the history was pretty hard (not as much as the ap one though, but that was probably b/c i felt more pressure on ap day), and math was ok. i skipped 2 questions but now that i think of it, i could have done the conics one. oh well, time was up anyway. like i did the first half in 20 minutes and i was like whoa ok, i can take it easy! bad idea. yeah so when i got home, i was like OK i need to read at least half of my cliffs bio book by 10 tonight. and then i kept on getting sleepy. so i took a nap. and then every time my alarm went off, i'd be like "hmmm 15 more minutes" so it ended up being like a 3 hour nap without the benefit of rem sleep since i kept waking up to reset my alarm. so basically, i'm still on molecular genetics, with much more than half the book to go. and i think i should reread photosynthesis and respiration (i.e. looking at the pictures in the bio book again) b/c the diagrams in here are sort of confusing.

and i didn't like how they sewed the bottom of the old navy tanks. so i ended up taking out all the stitches on the front half to make it stretchier -____-. i might just take them all out and have that...ragged edge look. but it still folds up so you can't really even see it. and my mom says that the tank is too revealing. -___- there's not even anything to reveal. oh no, shoulders.

i can't wait until tuesday...there's no way to save my grade in bio, i might as well not do the book report either. although i might just read the book, it looks pretty interesting.

i must work superhard next semester. and i will need something to sustain me through that shopping!! whoohoo. and maybe i will actually use my own money then, instead of having to ask my parents for money. booo, i hate feeling dependent on them.

when are we going to sign up for the plano book sale eh?


Blogger Chuan said...

gaaah shoulders! gah collarbones! gah class 5-2

ok i'll shut up now -__-

yeah using your own money hurts hard )= but somehow i end up spending more of my own than my parents'.. hmm

9:27 PM  

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