Thursday, September 25, 2008

junot diaz

today!! =O i went to the junot diaz discussion and saw jkiberd was there and he was like really funny and nice. and then he was like aww i have to go now for a meet and greet but you all should come to the r&d pub! so i went to the r&d pub for the first time, it was pretty cool but awkward since everyone was old. but then we left the 21 and over place and got some hors-d'oeuvres and i got my book signed! so one of the hor-d'oeuvres was imitation crab on a slice of cucumber. so i was talking to julia and a piece of crab fell on the floor and i went to go pick it up and he was like "aw no honey, don't do that!" and gave me a napkin. awwwww! it was also embarrassing. anyway after that i went to the book reading. when i read the tech last year, his responses made him sound like a jerk but on the colbert report and today he seemed pretty cool


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