Saturday, May 06, 2006

39th post


every so often, my mom feels really sorry for me (or really annoyed by me), and she takes me shopping. this weekend was one of those times. I think this time it was equal parts annoyed and sorry.

there's a sunshine shirt at victoria's secret! it says HELLO PINK SUNSHINE. or something like that. =) there's one on a pink shirt (makes sense), but there're also green and yellow shirts that say that. =__= so now I will stalk that even though 1) 14.50 isn't that bad 2) victoria's secret shirts never go on sale (good morning sunshine! boo.) and 3) there isn't a victoria's secret right by plano.

oh, and does anyone want my coupon for free victoria's secret underwear? I half feel like siccing it on yini just because she's still wearing those prepackaged underwear that come in packs of three or six at like walmart or sam's or costco. okay, and three pairs of gap underwear, but that's hardly enough to last you a week. and this is actually free underwear. as in, walk in, get underwear, pay nothing. no buy 10$ worth of overpriced stuf (well, the sunshine shirt!) and get free underwear. actual FREE UNDERWEAR. okay I think I've made my point now.

I got banana republic underwear today! since I'm already talking about underwear. and this cute cami to match. but it's all lace. =__= the cami, not underwear. well, my mom wanted me to get the all lace underwear, but that would be kind of weird b/c I usually don't wear shorts or pants or anything at home, and if I have to walk around the house with my brother and dad in it... it would be odd. hell, it would be odd even if it was just my mom. and if I wear boxer shorts over it, it kind of defeats the purpose of getting lacy matching underwear. so yeah. no lace. well, only lace cami. but I have pretty bras so it's all good.

okay dinner now.

okay back from dinner now.

hmm... what was I going to say...

oh right. grace, they didn't have white or green! so I got brown. =( but we can at least cross match. man, I should have gotten it on friday. when they had it! boo.

hmm... what else? SATs were pretty boring... I'm pretty sure I didn't get a 800 on either because I finished them both in half an hour each and didn't bother going back and checking.

gah. okay. I will go read some stuff now.


Blogger y said...

i hardly think it matter, harrumph. underwear is UNDERWEAR and you wear UNDER your outer wear, hence UNDERWEAR.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

if yini doesn't want it, i'll take it! my only pair of vs underwear is v. comfortable hehe

1:25 AM  
Blogger Chuan said...

umm.... underwear... yeah

15 times on this page (including comments!)

bah... sats! chem and bio in june! yay

i have a feeling that i'm not gonna check those either =|

6:45 PM  

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