Wednesday, June 27, 2007

talons and tea leaves

I like drinking honey in water with crushed ice.

Today my mom told me to clean off my bunkbed soon. My darling bunkbed, with its nostalgia-inspiring decor and handy top bed for which to put unwanted items, is being given away to her friend.
Me: where am I going to sleep?
Mom: On the floor?

Haha but I think she's actually going to get a full-sized bed for my room. I found out I have a lot of stuffed animals and many post-it notes from that time I tried to put a phylogenetic tree on the wall. Alas, I did not find the goldenrod yarn that I lost when I was knitting my (still-unfinished) Gryffindor scarf two winters ago. What am I going to do with all my crimson yarn? What I'm doing with the rest of my yarn...leave it on the top of the cabinet. If only I could do that amigurumi stuff:

Who knew poop could be so cute?


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