Friday, June 15, 2007


locks of love. ahhhh i am getting more and more attached to my hair, but i also can't wait for the time when it comes off next wednesday, 5:30ish! in veronica mars, veronica has long hair at shelly pomroy's party (signifying a youthful sort of innocence), but after the party (during which she was raped), all the scenes show her sans long hair. what will this new era mean for me????? tis a time of great change. as evidenced by my first entry in here in a looong long time.

you know what i feel slightly guilty about? the multiple admitted student questionnaire plus surveys i chose not to do. but the first one took so long! my personal contribution to response bias. my room is a complete mess but i feel so reluctant to clean it. i reeeally should though. i should also exercise and stop being so self-indulgent.

i watch way too much tv for my own good. and when i watch, i often feel compelled to watch every episode ever.
  • The Office
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Ugly Betty
  • Beauty and the Geek (S3, but only because I can't get the others)
  • Veronica Mars
  • ANTM (well, most of the cycles at least) which has led to other NTM's - hopefully this ridiculous appetite will be curbed soon, but making fun of them is pretty amusing.
  • Heroes
  • Alias (in the past)
Gossip Girls looks sort of enticing in a fascination-of-New-York kind of way...and also a Kristen-Bell-narrating kind of way.

I feel so unmotivated. But at least I'm working about 28 hours a week, plus a tiny bit of research on the side that I am quite sure will be inconclusive since all we've been doing is following a tutorial for this protein-modeling program. Oh well, something to do that sounds like it's productive.

Also: a B on light for Rhythm & Police!

So I went downtown to West Village with 1010 and Dgo on Tuesday...and we missed our movie, The Valet (La Doublure). Sad! 1010 called me during research and I couldn't pick up. AHH we had already made detailed plans the day before! Why would I ditch at the last minute? Without telling anyone? Why did I switch to proper capitalization? Carrying on. We got to the Magnolia half an hour after the movie started, so we decided to watch The Lives of Others instead. Before that started, we had some time so we trolled over to Paciugo, where I had Fragola (very sorbet-y, Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel (surprisingly good), and Chocolate Hazelnut (deliciously rich, wish there had been a tiny bit more hazelnut).

//Warning: Wow this following paragraph was the most pointless paragraph ever. Don't read it folks, just look at the pretty picture.

Then random window shopping ($55 for a rope functioning as a belt at Polo RL wtf? Doggy polos were cute though.) At the Paul Frank store, we saw
for $32. I considered getting them but 1) I did not have $32 on me and 2) I thought maybe I still wanted J.Crew wellies. Little did I know how enamoured I would become with these! Today I looked them up and they were $17.95 on Amazon/Karmaloop. Plus about $7 of shipping. Then I did more digging around and after several sunlit days of effort (I tried like 6 or 7 codes and I had to enter in my information each time!! Tedious to the maxxxxx), I found a promo code that actually worked. $3 shipping. I am so asian. And used to not capitalizing that. But then they had Small (5-6) and Medium (7-8). Too bad I'm 6 1/2!!! What if the smalls cramp my feet? What if my feet slide around in the mediums? Ugh. Why didn't I try them on when I was there? I even thought about it...What if the shoes get sold out soon? Must take action quickly. The plan is to go downtown, try on the shoes, get gelato, and come back. I know, ridiculous to go all the way down there just to try on shoes. But look at how cheery they are!!! So happy. I want them. I want them bad. I suppose I'm somewhat used to not getting what I want though...but seriously. $21 for these cute things? That's like 2 hours of tutoring. Easy peasy.

I should sleep.


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