Monday, June 25, 2007

Witold Lutoslawski

Paganini Variations for Two Pianos - I have to learn the 2nd part, which is easier but more boring than the 1st, before I leave for MIT. I don't like playing 2nd, but I got to play 1st for 11 years while my brother had to play 2nd so I'm giving him a chance to have the melody for once! I know, I'm so generous. And too lazy to learn 1st.

Today, I set my alarm for 12:30. When I woke up, I kept adding minutes until it was 2:30 and I finally decided to get up. I was supposed to go open a student account at the bank, but my mother didn't take me. So I just went to UTD, where we finally moved on to simulating water permeating nanotubes.

Then I came home and saw Dooby's new collar that makes a high-pitched noise the first time he barks, the noise and a small shock (ergo, we have the "BEEP! ZAP!" in the photo) the second time in 30 seconds, and progressively stronger shocks after that.

He didn't realize what it was at first, and when he barked twice, it started shocking him =( Which only made him bark more and omg it was soooo terrible he looked like he was being painfully tortured in mid-air, the way he was writhing and jumping. I was so scared! Finally he just sat there and shivered. POOR DOOBY!!
"whether it's worth the increasing pain"
Reminds me of the good times in Magavern 1st period Macro.

Then 1010 and I went to the mall! Where I spent like $23 on real clothes, $1 on a pretzel, and...dun dun dun!! $35 on underwear haha.

cute, right? Those are the ones I did not have enough on me to get =(

And only if your name is Sunshine and you find vicarious pleasure in seeing other people's purchases, you can click on the permalink to see the ones I did. (I added some script to the template html to get the short/long functionality! YAY ME SO PROUD! But I haven't figured out how to do the expand/collapse thing yet...that's for another time.)

So basically to use the show/hide thing, put part of your post where it says "Short post here" and the rest of your post in "Extended post here." But if you don't like it, I backed up the original template so we can just change it back =\


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