Saturday, June 16, 2007

me love sale.

I lead a rather materialistic and mundane life. It's comfortable.

So I went to the Paul Frank store today and I dragged Tenn along because I needed a ride. I am shameless =( And he was injured (pulled a muscle) and I didn't know and I felt soooo guilty so I tried to buy him gelato but he wouldn't let me and gave the cashier a 20...short story even shorter, he ended up driving me down to the DART station, walking in pain, and paying for my gelato. I'm going to hell. So...I tried on the shoes and the small size fit. (I ordered them when I got home.) And then I was like uhhh yay that took like 3 seconds. So I decided to shop around a little. SALE!!! 5 dolla flip flops, so I bought these multi dots (yes they match the rain boots):

I also saw these and they were cute but I don't need that many flip flops:

and then I saw these scurvy green check ones! and I was like omg Sunshine would loooove these. So I got them too.

I also got a krab sushi tee in black:
it was XXS so I wasn't sure if it would fit so I tried it on. And while I was taking it off, I saw a little screen print inside!!! It was sooooo cute. Anyway...all for $22 because they were all half off. Yes!

//Edit: I found a picture of the krab sushi on white so you can sort of see the screen print's krab saying, "oh dude, that's so dope!"


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