Thursday, June 21, 2007

things i hate

hey yall. yall being my one-, maybe two-person, non-commenting readership. regression to middle school approaching:


not having a car
people telling me what to do in general
people who just started working this summer but act like they know more than me and try to tell me how to do my job even though i already knew
people who tell me to sit/stand up straight i'm gonna fix my posture when i feel like it so shut up
people who say they want to keep in touch but they don't even try (this one is slightly hypocritical...but only slightly)
people who are too judgmental. watch out LEST YE BE JUDGED.
people who think they are soooOOOooOOoo clever and then always explain their jokes and puns as if nobody else understood them, then carry on with a superior air
people who are clingy
people who spell things on aim like "ur kot is so wrm n fuzzi!!! ken i ware it? lol! i lub u!" unless they're making fun of people who do that
people who pretend to be nice and innocent but are bitchy and conniving inside all the time
people who are selfish and conceited and egocentric as my brother. there will probably eventually be an entire post about how much i hate my brother.
when people write "per say" instead of "per se"

basically this list has evolved into a list of people i hate. at the moment. i should not be so full of hate. =( i am a bit ashamed. but i will append whenever i think of more things

THINGS I LOVE. coming soon.


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