Sunday, June 24, 2007

last wednesday

before 5:30

after 5:30

The hair will be shipped off to Locks of Love tomorrow! Of course, not all the hair that I cut is in that little bag. She cut off the hair, which left it shoulder length. Then my mom decided layers would be good, and the lady was like yeeeeah! She found out that we were going to Taiwan next month and decided to help me "blend in." Of course, when I return, I will be all fobby.

I look like a boy, but it'll grow out. Besides, androgyny could be sort of in.


Blogger y said...

Whoa cooool!

You should have gotten your hair cut like Amelie's!

I really like her hair.

(O HAI-- What time do you work?)

10:53 AM  
Blogger y said...

poop the link is cut off


10:54 AM  

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