Monday, June 06, 2005

the luncheon


okay so it began at noon and it was at the very top of the mcdermott library in utd.

and I was totally expecting like this buffet cheap pizza deal, right?


hoooly crap it was soooo fancy. like with the multiple fancy glasses w/the thin stems and all those forks and butter in the shape of flowers and everything! and so I went and there was a napkin folded all pretty in my coffee cup and a nice green garden salad on the plate. so then we ate the salad and then WAITERS in those penguin suits came out and cleared the tables and then served us the main course which was grilled chicken with sauce and vegetables and rice and woooow it was soooo goood. oh and before this was bread, too. and then after that we had desert which was this FABULOUS lemon meringue pie with raspberry sauce dizzled artfully and there was a display of flowers in the middle of the table and then we had coffee and discussed things. and I was at a table with sooo many professors. x__x

and so that took like two hours. then we had to walk around and tour utd and we will get our comet cards (?) sometime. whatever the hell those are. anyway. and then puneet called me and said he was feeling sick so I didn't even have to do anything!


and I think you are watching alias right now. >=(


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