Monday, June 13, 2005


so i'm back!!!!

the trip wasn't all that great. like i can't say anything bad about it, but there wasn't anything exceptionally good either. maybe i've been to sa too many times. hmmm highlights: receiving money, getting free clothes + bags, and the performance which was actually pretty good in comparison to my expectations.

i wish the six flags thing was next weekend. when does (did?) the bbw sale end?

oh well.

oh yes, i also finished the poisonwood bible (while trying to tan by the hotel pool) but my idiot brother splashed water on it T-T cryyyyyy he's such a fat ugly stupid mean moron i hate him. and also finished alias season 2. even though i already knew what happened, it still counts, right?

oh btw i saw lots of the ae shirts like the you can't always get what you want and the yellow one with daisies? can't remember. they were pretty cheap, but too low cut and transparent for my mom. and the pretty pretty skirts (too expensive) at the ae outlet place

i'm doing prt like 3x this week?

no more violin!!!


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