Monday, June 13, 2005

where are youuuu

why are you not online right now.

my mom was pissed this whole day. like she woke me up around 1 by yelling at me, then was mad the rest of the day at every little thing. until it was too late to ask about going, then she finally calmed down. oh well =( i have prt a lot this week, i think. come with!

lalalala so i'm posting twice in a row. yay

i watched the phantom of the opera today (the movie), it was ok. but you know what i hate. people who are all like "i looooove phantom of the opera i saw the movie 17 times! and i bought the soundtrack!!!" then start singing one of the songs. i'm like, please, i've known the music since i was in the single digits (8?) and the music has only been around for like 2 decades.

which is sort of like me with alias, so i shouldn't talk. but still.

and omg do you watch the scholar? the showdown today was like omfg i could win $50000 with no thinking. the questions were lik "the brain and spinal cord are part of what system?" "the liver, stomach, and intestines are part of what system?" "how many chambers are in the heart?" "what is the longest bone in the body?" "food is digested in the stomach, but digestion of carbohydrates starts earlier - where?" "if a vein carries blood back to the heart, what does an artery do?" ok and this one guy was eliminated on "what do the dermis and epidermis refer to?" it's like duuuuude don't you remember that 3rd grade thing where people are like "your epidermis is showing!!!" HUGE continental shelf. that guy was valedictorian of his school with a 1580 sat score. pleeease. and the winning question? "what does RNA stand for?"

HOLY CRAP and these people are supposed to be really smart according to their bios on the abc website. I COULD FREAKING WIN THOSE $50,000. My idiot moron brother could win that. btw, i really hate him. he punched me in the head today because i pinched him for poking my ribs really hard. he scares me a lot, especially when he grabs kitchen knives to threaten with. he needs to be sent to brat camp.

have you seen the geico commerical where this one wrestler is like "you're so ugly if ugliness were bricks, you'd be the great wall of china?" hahaha.


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