Tuesday, June 07, 2005

stupid schedules

why are we both such busy people. >=(

anyyyywayyyyy today I went to UTD and basically sat there doing nothing for like an hour and a half and then I went and met ning and shelby for lunch! which was super duper fun and we are doing it every day from now on. =))

and tomorrow I am actually going to do experiments hoooraaaay.

okay tonight I have that thing at plano from 6-9 and tomorrow I'm playing volleyball with melanie and thursday... oh right I think didy might be coming over? in the afternoon/night?

b/c okay puneet wants to have the entire experiment done by friday and it's like one of those multiple-part experiments that we basically make up as we go along so I have no idea how long I'm going to be working tomorrow/thursday and YOU are GOING on friday and I'm going to the airport on saturday and SO.


and sark is soooo beeeaaaauuuutifuuuullll.

HEY. GUESS WHAT. there is a seth poster at walmart!!! a big huge closeup of seth. omg <333333.

I so want to just drive there on the way back from utd one day and buy it. =)


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