Monday, June 06, 2005




you had better post a lot, you moron.

anyway. so what happened today.

nothing much, really.

got up at like 9.45 and realized needed to get my butt in gear so I went downstairs and ate a sandwich that I pilfered from race for the cure. yes I am that cheap.

soooo theeeen what happened. right. went to didy's and picked her up and went to mall where JUST WHEN I GOT THERE you called me. so anyway bought tickets and watched sisterhood which was a goooood movie to watch with a friend.

SPEAKING OF MOVIES my mom ordered the notebook for me so that makes so many movies that you have to come over and see. so there are the five star wars movies, the notebook, and when harry met sally. wow oh wow.

right. so then afterwards shopping of course. went to gap and didy got a tank and a cami and I got a black shrug b/c of prt. then went to banana republic where I saw my dress. =) and then we went to express and guess and didy got another cami there. then didy left and my mom came and I made her get me the gap bag and the dress and then we went to ultimate electronics and wingstop. omg wingstop's atomic chicken is so freaking great it is the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my life I almost cried it was so great.

then I came home and ate and almost cried b/c it was so good. and then I came upstairs and no one was on except susie so I talked to her for a while then I got bored and went downstairs to talk to my mom but then fell asleep on her bed. harhar.

hmm I think kailing and I have safely drifted apart now b/c I don't feel obligated to try to talk to her/include her in activities. so it makes me feel so guilty but it's kind of a relief to me b/c that means I don't have to keep on making conversation, you know? bah I am a horrible friend.

sooo. the bath and body works sale lasts a month! june 6-july 5. so no hurry there. soooo wednesday night, eh?


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