Friday, June 10, 2005

my one day of freedom

and SOMEONE is on her way to san antonio. boohoo.

so I woke up late this morning... at around 11 b/c jackie called me. pehe. and then I ate dumplings and then jackie and yini came over and GET THIS.


yes my super duper messy haven't been cleaned since I was six closet. I am amazed, as well. But now my room is super dusty and I have thrown away like three garbage bags full of crap which you could never do b/c you are waaaay too sentimental.

AHAHAHA. I feel good. Oh but you are missing the bbw sale! the buy one get one free sale! for their fragrant stuff. mm what scent do I like. I dunno. but they also have all this hair stuff 75% off so I will go get a lot b/c I need leave in conditioner and they don't seem to sell it anymore at walmart. =D

so tonight is PRT... and tomorrow is six flags! and then on sunday didy is coming over to help me clean more stuff... then we're going shopping with susie. and then YOU ARE COMING BACK!



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