Thursday, June 23, 2005



1st - ME TOO!! i think my nose looks weird, + my eyelids + my knees + my little toes. and i have quite a few moles, which used to bother me a lot. and now it only bothers me a little since i'm used to them. and i know i'm not fat at all, but i seriously have a lot of flab. and nobody believes me, but that's what clothes are for.

2nd - no comment, my friend. i can't believe you even mentioned this.

3rd - SURE THING!! but nothing will ever happen, b/c we are kindred souls. and what could break up kindred souls? like the only things i can think of that would destroy friendships are lies and jealousy. and i really think the former is negligible b/c as far as i can tell, we're pretty transparent. and the latter, well. there are 1)grades 2)guys 3)other. and 1)not that important, + our friendship is stronger than that right? and 2)same. and who cares about other.

pith = (hahahaha get it) i do not! piano = ok, violin = even worse. and what makes me sad is i can never think of anything that i can do that nobody else can =(

but i'm sure we will both get accepted into decent colleges

YOU BETTER GET THOSE FLIP FLOPS. we're going on saturday, early early early. and if not we, at least you, although i think my parents will let me. maybe. my dad would. i reeeeeally like that tiered skirt.

anyway, physics camp isn't so bad!

we did vector stuff today with a force table, and it was cool b/c i already knew how to do the vector things, thanks to precal! i wish everyone in my lab groups were as smart/dumb as me, so they wouldn't work faster like you do or slower like other people. i'm always having to catch up to you! >=(

anyhow, cathleen (remember her from geometry? sooooo sweet!) could do it about the same rate as me, but my other lab partner was reeeeeally slow, which isn't her fault, but is just an inconvenience. but it was cool when i explained it to her for the 5th time and she finally understood b/c i was like yessss yayyyyy.

anyway, monday we had pizza, tuesday we had jason's deli salad? they forgot to bring us the meat platter. wednesday we had central market deli sandwiches, very very delicious. today we had on the border, even more delicious + fattening. and tomorrow we're meeting our mentors so we're having italian!

ok and this part is TOP TOP TOP SECRET. ok so every other day we have physics olympics. so the first time, the contest was to build the highest tower out of a sheet of paper and 50 cm of tape. and so i came up with an idea, and then like we started building. then 10 minutes later, we see other people doing the exact same thing! but we were like, nah, the way we carried out the design is better. but there's this girl on our team, ashley liou, who keeps freaking out and trying to change things. -___- but then we had the tallest tower anyway! but then while the teachers were measuring ours, the group next to us, which happened to include some people like sunaina and melanie, changed and added to theirs. btw, they had like the same design as we did too. and so they won.
then today, our challenge was to build a boat out of a 10 by 10 piece of foil. so after all the measurements, our group tied with tien feng's group, with 26 pennies held up by each. but then melanie and sunaina's group suddenly decided they wanted a recount, after like half the groups had dumped the water and thrown away the boats. and guess what, suddenly their boat can hold up 30 pennies now.
but it's ok, the prize was just gel pens. but still -______- but i still like melanie b/c she is nice.

anyhow, i'm sure you will never mention this to her ever, b/c what would she think then? and it is such a petty little thing.



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