Monday, June 13, 2005

walking with jackie as usual

and if you were a better friend you would have known that already nooo?

I have don't turn off the lights by enrique iglesias stuck in my head. it annoys me.

I GOT SKINNY DIP BY CARL HIAASEN. or however you spell that. I have only been wanting to read it since it came out but it had so many holds on it at the library and so by the time I got it it would have been gross anyway. so I was like omg please mass paperback version come out! and then today I went to sam's club and GUESS WHAT THEY HAD THE MASS PAPERBACK VERSION. so my mom let me get it. actually my mom's attitude for all shopping is just "if you want it and will use it / eat it / read it, get it." which is great in some respects but then it makes me feel super duper guilty. which I guess is the point b/c it trains me for college. (which is why I didn't get it when it came out in hardback.)

oh you know what I hate. I hate it when authors just drag things on and on and on and try to cash in on things as much as possible. like the left behind series? it was supposed to be seven books. it ended at twelve. and now they're writing a prequel series to it.

and my nails are SUPER DUPER pink right now. like such a bright hot pink and it has sparkles in it. and not just ordinary sparkles. pink and orange and white sparkles. it's one of those nail prism things. "amber coral", or something. so much pinker than the bottle looks. and jackie gave it to me. =D I love it.

oh and I really really want to watch ever after. it is like my favorite movie EVER. I love cinderella stories. which is why I want to see ella enchanted, too. even though I heard it sucked.

you need to come over! you really really do. or we could go to hobby lobby tomorrow and maybe pick up needlework. =) and then you could come over and needlework with me! except I have to go somewhere at 5.30. lalalala. boo.

anyway today at utd we had our first conference. GOD I WAS SO UTTERLY CONFUSED. but the good thing is puneet got assigned another high school student. his name is carter and he's going to tams, graduated from williams. and he was using my cell to call amelia and I was like "lin?" in my head and then it turned out it WAS her. I don't know why but I don't really like her. lalalala. it could just be jealousy, I guess.

anyway this is a pretty long post, no?


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