Monday, August 07, 2006


man I just could not fall asleep last night. so I started sketching/writing in a sketchpad I got from art in freshman year. the same one that melanie carried around all last year. it's a really nice sketchpad. actually this was after I read EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE in august vogue. which took around three hours. so that was 11-2. then sketching/writing/whatever until 4. and then I still did not feel a bit sleepy at all, so I started thinking about college apps. I wrote one sentence. around twelve words, I think. good job, I know.

then... I can't really remember what I did next. oh yeah. I might have started planning out an outfit for today. but I had to tread softly because my parents' bedroom is right underneath mine, and my mom is a really light sleeper. then I remember the morning shows began coming on the radio, so I guess it was five. and then I had this idea of sketching every single article of clothing I own. and then I read quick... and then I think I finally fell asleep somewhere around six or six thirty.

then I got up at nine thirty this morning... and jackie called, and I got online and printed out an ae coupon and talked to yini for about five minutes, then I was off. went to plano, waited for counselors, told to go to dr. dean, he wasn't in, made an appointment for 2, went to collin creek (nothing good at ae. they had the other two graphic t's that went with the surf t, and I was tempted but then that hand really disturbed me and the grey is very not me. they had flip flops, but none of the bamboo ones and none that were size seven or eight or six. and I wrote down kd's number on my hand last night, but I guess it rubbed off sometime during the night... nothing remarkable. ended up getting a brown tank top and flip flops. they had carmine red on them.) then went to hobby lobby to buy some elastic thread. I want jackie to smock those huge skirts so I can actually maybe wear them.

then went home, got my brother lunch, then went back to plano at 2. talked to dr. dean, went to cccc, found out there's a freaking long procedure. took a math placement test. it told me to take calc1. talked to the people, said I have to send official transcript with my ap scores on it and then maybe I can take calc3. =__=

and now I am home! and I need to look for criticisms.


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Blogger Chuan said...

bah for cal3

i'll leave that for second semester and hopefully get a good rec from my lin al professor this semester =D

yeah i should really start on those college apps...

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