Wednesday, August 16, 2006

aaaah school

I do not think mrs. hines likes me very much. I think she knows me as the person who covered her ears when gabriel sang and the person who always works on other homework in her class. each day when she comes around to check everyone's homework she asks me which subject I am or am planning on working on that day. =__=

other classes are fine. classes are cold. outside is hot. I think we should move toward an equilibrium temperature. aha. ha. okay that didn't even make sense. this is what happens when I try to be clever.

english is rather painful right now. I have absolutely no idea what the poems are saying. terrell asked me, "what does the line 'No one ever thanked him' make you feel?" and I very intelligently said, "what does it make me feel? like the author's tone?" uh. what? I have no idea. then she asked me again. and I said, "it makes me feel sad." very AP4-caliber stuff. try not to get too jealous.

other than that, life isn't too bad yet. except for the five tests/quizzes on friday. I only have six classes! how is this even allowed. don't we have a certain classes can only test on certain days to prevent this kind of thing from happening?

if there were more hours in the day, I would sleep more, finish rereading C&P, take calc3, and play.

or just bum around on the computer more.

I feel like I should start writing about stuff besides school and/or boredom. and/or shopping.

uh. I think I was supposed to get off the computer about an hour ago.

so after six long long LONG years the draco trilogy is finally completed. this was the fanfic that introduced me to the world of harry potter fanfic, y'all. the magnitude of this event cannot be overstated. and of course I had to go read the epilogue to find out who ends up with who, because why would I want to invest the time required to read over a thousand pages of fic to find out that the people I wanted to end up together didn't end up together? thankfully, everyone ended up with the right person so all's well in the world. this can wait until next summer. I figure one more year can't hurt much.

msg got really pissed at our class for breaking so many crucibles yesterday. ning and I went through the entire two hours not wearing close-toed shoes. oops? anyway, we ended up not doing everything exactly right so I don't think our data is going to turn out being precise nor accurate, which bodes extremely unwell for it being the first lab of the school year. that's okay.

this is school again.

maybe it will be better if I try to talk about a person.


was in my calculus class last year. got a perfect score on the sat. is going to olin. saw him after french today. he was on his cell. saw him again when walking with yini toward her bus trying to get physics data out of her (failed). very dedicated to compsci. makes amazing origami dragons. plays the flute. went to vines. got a 100 on the calc test that I got a 79 on. applied early to mit. is a math genius. was a clark scholar. prefers raspberry cheesecake over plain, turtle, and caramel. has two siblings. was a laser officer. leaves on 26th. knows sophia. did not take bio or chem. took apc. went to prom with jenny. went to taiwan and china this summer. congratulated me on getting a 6 on a txml and a 7 on aime. nice. helpful. very grounded. one of the only people who did not freak out after every physics test.

I think five people commented on the postcard shirt today.

tonight: finish C&P (320 pages), physics lab (calculations, graph, questions), physics packet, memorize polyatomics, chem packet

some summer stuff:
will have to wait until later because blogger does not want to load pictures and I do not want to restart.


Blogger Grace said...

+D yay postcard shirt!!

12:52 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

+ i don't think hines even knows me

12:56 AM  
Blogger Grace said...

and her husband's name is eric.

2:08 AM  
Blogger Chuan said...

gaaaaaaaaah olin... the one school that makes me wish i were an engineer-y person )=

good luck surviving through your blizzard of work

one more year... one more year (=

11:43 AM  
Blogger y said...


^ that's a pretty AP caliber comment, too, if I do say so myself.

10:50 PM  

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