Friday, August 18, 2006


I remember thinking to myself in december of 2004 as I was cleaning out my first semester stuff, "this is a very very important sheet of paper. I will need this in my senior year. I'd better put it someplace safe." so I did put it someplace safe. and forgot about it. and now it is senior year. and I remember thinking there was something important I left myself 20 months ago. except. 1. I don't know what it is, exactly, and 2. I have no idea where I put it.

so now I have no idea if it really is a very important sheet of paper or if I just thought it would be important but really isn't. therefore, even though I have five tests/quizzes tomorrow (today) and I am really sleepy and only skimmed the last 300 pages of C&P and didn't even start studying for econ or french yet, I spent the last hour and a half searching through all my piles and piles of paper from previous school years.

it turns out I am one major packrat. I have all my stuff back to third grade. all in different piles and folders and binders around the house. and my house has a lot of spiders.

STILL NO PAPER. or rather, lots of paper, but not the right paper.


and then I kept jabbing sharp corners into my burn from chemistry, so now it hurts like hell and is throbbing.


hahaha so last year my password at pshs was 'happyday,' and every time I logged on I had to type that and I always thought, "this is so not a happy day." so this year my password is 'lifesucks,' and every time I log on I think, "eh, it's not so bad right now." ahahahaha. =__= life probably will begin to suck very very soon. it's only the second week, after all.

okay yeah I should go study...


Blogger Chuan said...

don't worry, it probably wont help if it's from that far back

i guess your packratness clobbers me, i only have most of my stuff since second grade (only 'cause i stopped saving stuff after freshman year)

boo you guys get to play with dangerous stuff in chem -___-

we get... the exact same labs we did in high school except with weaker concentrations and less supervision... sigh

1:04 PM  

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