Thursday, August 03, 2006

like a HUNGER, like a BURNIN

sigh, let's take a zero off that 1000. btw i realized i have cat crew training from 1-3 on friday! =( shall we meet after that? or before? ackkk

my summer's been even more unproductive than yours. i bet louisa's finished a ton of stuff. she's already finished a draft for invitees to nhs next year and the rest of us have like forgotten about it. she's very driven. anyhow...

hooray for yini coming back!! we can clean your closet together and go shopping right? that's a pretty good way to get over jetlag - forcing yourself to stay awake until night! yeahyeah

i am def. getting shoes. light green pumas i hope...

you know what. i am very indecisive. ok yeah i bet you knew

haha you know that stars and stripes forever post? that you named LAA LAA etc? while i was randomly scrolling through the blog, i thought that was mine. like i saw the title and the first line and i swear i made a post like that... but then i read on and i was like wait not mine?!

you didn't send me save tonight! i had to download it myself. and the guy's voice is very....ehhh. but it could grow on me.

tonight i need to do lesson 7 of my p.e. thing and finish poisonwood.

tomorrow lessons 8 & 9 & finish my copy of c&p.

friday get the right copy of c&p and school supply shopping.
[should i get the same ones as you? i admired them in the middle of last year at walmart but it was like...the middle of the year and i was like why would i get them now. but i also like the pearl stripe ones. well i'll see when i get there.] and then also clean your closet & go shopping

saturday go shopping again, read first 2 parts of right version of c&p (i ambitious)

sunday read next 2 parts of c&p & lesson 10

monday read last 2 parts

tuesday get criticisms!!!

i know...sounds like cutting it close right?

but i got some "advice=finish reading 2nd summer reading book first because you'll have your timed writing on that far before any assessment of C&P"


Blogger Chuan said...

you liar... you did so accomplish stuff -__-

and someone needs to tell louisa to calm the heck down, colleges aren't running away from her =|

oh! interesting thing about MIT, not that you guys'd want to go but maybe it applies to other colleges as well? stephie made it in despite the fact that her entire time at tams was spent skipping class and gaming (almost). they look at 9/10 and interesting essays alot more than junior year, apparently?

sad )=

9:21 AM  
Blogger SUNSHINE said...

hahahahaha. yeah, I go back and read some posts and I could swear that I wrote them, but then I meet a part where I go, "wtf? this didn't happen to me." and then I realize it was your post all along.

booooo cat camp training. =(

ach, this will take some planning.

12:50 PM  

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