Tuesday, July 11, 2006


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Received_Pronunciation hmmm looks like i have not undergone the wine-whine merger or whatever. which is why i say white and whale the way i do, i guess.

so yesterday night, i was like i should go to bed early (being around 1) since i was working all day today. but then i figured out how to play spider solitaire + i was watching meteor garden (finally finished) and also talking to random people so i went to bed around 4. but then i couldn't fall asleep! T-T so i was like i should read crime and punishment. but then i didn't want to so i read a couple chapters of tender is the night for an hour. which is not a beach book, although what i've read so far has occurred on a beach in france. fitzgerald seems to me sort of a pretentious writer. like he crafts these beautiful phrases but then i get the sense that he's like super proud of himself that he wrote those...or maybe my brain was just tired.

and then today i woke up at 7:55 to get ready to go to work, which starts at 8:15. because i took over paul's shift since he had to take some exam or whatnot. which meant i was working 13 and a quarter hours today. cha-ching! however, i stupidly decided to wear those green flip-flops with the fabric on top (you know what i'm talking about right - of course -_-), which would have been not too comfortable, but bearable, for one shift. not for two T-T the bottoms are hard. anyway right now my heels are killing me.

so i was ready to go by 8:05. BUT MY DAD was still walking the dog. and didn't get back until 8:10. and i was like ok ok just 5 minutes late. but then he takes forever puttering about the house so i finally end up leaving the house at the time i was supposed to get to work. but somehow i got there around 8:20ish so it was ok. and then i worked all day, mostly with neema dad (persian kid). i think he's gonna be a junior at east next year, and he's wayyyy taller than me. and has nice hair. he's so freaking happy all the time (not in a bad way) and always tries to talk to the students. and they're so unresponsive. i'll be like "do you want a 5 minute break now?" and nobody will even nod or shake. -_- kids

and then worked til late, 9:30 i was finished. which is the normal time to get off. and so i call home, nobody has even LEFT THE HOUSE. so my dad didn't get there until 9:50ish b/c my brother is not very quick at delivering messages (i bet he was playing some stupid computer game like...halo-type game). anyway...long day, but i'm still pretty awake! even after 3 hours of sleep and 13 and a half hours of work. $108. before all those deductions at least T-T yayy....should i go for a $200 or $300 camera? don't wanna spend more than that.

oh yeah! and today i successfully resisted chipotle AND wendy's. because in the morning i made a resolution to stop spending money on food. i look like i'm pregnant anyway. but i really wanted a burrito. maybe i should just stop carrying around money =( but i made a decision and stuck to it with AN IRON RESOLVE.

oh yeah sunshine my parents told me that greyhound buses are dangerous, especially for girls (i hate hearing that.) and they would rather carpool. what do you think?


Blogger SUNSHINE said...

hmm.... my parents are pretty lazy & as long as I have someone with me they don't really mind me taking the greyhound. actually they would probably prefer it since it's a whole lot cheaper & they don't have to do anything.

I like ampersands.

anyway. I would personally rather take the greyhound because it would be awkward being in the car with someone else's parents for so long. don't you think? plus then no mall! but okay I told myself I would stop buying clothes. I WILL STOP.

light in august is looking to be a superbly boring read... boo. but poisonwood bible is so long... and it made me really depressed afterwards. even more depressed than I was after 1984 and brave new world, I think, because those are environment depressing but poisonwood bible is people depressing. ya know ya know?

so anyway. I am 32 pages from finishing crime and punishment. I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

I want a camera! I would probably get around a 250$ camera... but then again my parents are buying me one so I have no idea what the price is. but I think my brother's camera was 160? and it came with a free coach bag. not purse bag but camera-holding bag. which is still pretty nice.

dude this girl just walked in (hiba, the serious one who actually works) and she is so freaking skinny.

I should stop eating junk food. =__= or maybe exercise more. I think I'll go take a walk around the campus today.


11:30 AM  
Blogger Chuan said...

mmm money (=

greyhound buses are fine... i think 0_o

surely you don't hear of rape on greyhounds... haha

12:13 AM  

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