Thursday, July 20, 2006


I'm the only one in the lab right now. everyone else is off lunching.

hmm. so yesterday I was in a pretty bad mood because of my mom. but then my mood got better because I rewatched the last episode of iswak and it was cute. and she was only quasi-retarded in that episode and not nearly as desperate. almost seemed normal.

but now I am again in a bad mood because I should be leaving for honors colloquium in six days but not anymore. >=( this means no pigeonhole theory stuff and no politics stuff and no free lunch and no rooming with ecarg >>>>>=(.


so now to keep my blood pressure fairly normal I'm reading song of solomon b/c it puts me to sleep, thus lowering blood pressure, thus balancing out high blood pressure from anger.

good job, sunshine. way to be productive.


Blogger Chuan said...

i really hope the honors colloquium isn't important 'cause everyone keeps talking about it and i'm so lost -__-

meh.. high blood pressure: worry about it when you get older =D

8:19 PM  

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