Saturday, July 22, 2006

things to do before summer ends

  1. apologize to hongmei =__=
  2. go to yale information session (maybe, since originally beavis and butthead were going to pick me up at galatyn park and drive me to fort worth, but my mom is being motherly, so I may have to dart/TRE my way there if I go at all)
  3. try to get my mom to let me go to honors colloquium (EEEEEE)
  4. finish song of solomon
  5. reread C&P
  6. find crit for sos
  7. crit and precis for C&P
  8. read queen of glass
  9. read reason and romance
  10. watch my girl
  11. watch full house
  12. start french art project (HAHAHAHA seriously hopeful thinking here)

in other news... the group lunch today was reaaaaaally good. =D

hmm I also took pictures today but will upload some other time.

I'm getting a new camera!

I'm going to tyler today. >=( from noon to tenish.


Blogger Chuan said...

pictures.... need... color... in... life )=

9:14 PM  

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