Tuesday, July 11, 2006

boooooo I'm hungry =(

man I was so tired yesterday for some inexplicable reason.  veeeeeeeery inexplicable.  heh.
I slept like three hours at smu in the afternoon.  it was craaaazy.  I think everyone thought I was sick, so I got to leave at 4.30.
then I went home and ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch at 7.  got up at 11, washed my hair, read 60 more pages of C&P, and went to sleep at 1.
oh I read 112 pages of C&P yesterday!  for once I actually did what I told myself I was going to do.  very good, sunshine.  you deserve a pat on the back.  and a gold star.
hmm.... I want to read me some fictionpress... but I gotta finish C&P!  okay.  if I finish another 100 pages today, I will go home and read something fun at night.  then tomorrow I will finish the book, then thursday I will start light in august, then.... who knows.  I'm only reading that b/c I already have a copy of it at home.  boo.
and I think some library books are due today, so I'll go return them.  and I also think ever after is due sometime soon, so I'll go return that, as well.
but now I'm going to go eat.  hooray!
and maybe someday soon I will go back to albertson's and get some more candy.  and nail polish.  maybe I'll bring my mom.  >=)


Blogger Chuan said...

a gold star... i don't think i ever got one of those )=

maybe a free pencil -__-

11:28 PM  

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