Tuesday, July 11, 2006

beavis and butthead

I went out for lunch with them, and butthead is the unsafest driver I have ever met.  holy moly I must have gotten like ten grey hairs from being in the car with him.  he does these crazy lane changes, always goes at least fifteen over the speed limit, drives with his knees, and turns around and talks to beavis in the backseat.  man I thought I was going to die.  and beavis spent the entire ride going, "NONONO SLOW DOWN" and "DRIVE WITH YOUR HANDS.  HAAAAAANDS."  it was actually pretty funny, once I got past the certain death part.
so we were searching for a taco bell since I told them I had never been there before, and we drove all the way down to arapaho down greenville.  no taco bell.  so we ended up going to cici's where beavis treated us all to lunch.  I felt bad.  but then it's even more awkward trying to pay someone back when they obviously don't want you to pay him back.  so I ended up just thanking him about ten times.
and then on the way back we stopped by seven eleven for free slurpees.  and today is also giang's birthday, so we wanted to bring some back to the lab for her.  =__=  bad idea.  I spilled it all over my jeans.  but of course butthead was more worried about his car than about my jeans.  "You look like you peed in your pants," he said.  As if I didn't realize that already.  plus it's his fault for driving like a maniac.
and beavis just came into the room, buried his head in his arms, and curled up on the chair.  I have no idea what's wrong with that kid.
oh, and they just got to integration in their calculus course.
but they told me some pretty funny stories during lunch.  apparently one year (not this year) they went to that gaming convention thing that just came through grapevine, and there was a raffle at the end of it.  and the way you got raffle tickets was you donate one canned good item for one ticket.  so they asked the guy in charge if they could donate ramen and have it count, and the guy said they could.  so they got a friend who was in stats to calculate the odds of them winning, then they went to walmart and bought 430 bags of ramen.  then they got back to the hotel about five minutes before the raffle began, and they had to use those bellboy trolley things to get all the bags up to where the raffle was being held.  and they got there and the people said they were too late, but they refused to be turned away and got 430 raffle tickets.  but one of the rules was that one person can't win more than one item, and they had five people all together, so when they had already won four items they just turned to some random kid and told him that if he went up there to collect one of their prizes, he could get the crappiest item they got.  so the kid agreed.  so they ended up giving the kid a 1gb flash drive.  but like halfway through the raffle the people realized that they were winning most of the items (they won like 7/15 or something in the end), so they tried giving away crappy items.  but other people won those.  so anyway they ended up winning six items for five people somehow.  and then that day the kid found out he got accepted to stanford, so beavis and butthead and co. took him out to dinner.  and they told me all the stuff they won but I forgot.  so they ended up selling everything on ebay and got a few hundred dollars for them, then they split it.
maaaaaan.  then they told me a story about the salvation army adopt-a-kid thing they did, but I'll have to write about that some other day.  and also about the weekend wendy's was giving out free frostys and they ended up getting 135 free frostys.  =__=


Blogger Grace said...

wow....that's much more asian than us...

11:11 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

hehe when people buy you food, just thank them 3 times at most! and be done with it! =D mmm free food

11:37 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

holy crap, i knew they were my heroes

professional con men (=

11:37 PM  

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