Thursday, July 06, 2006

post number 84

somehow i don't think we're gonna make it to 1000...

i got another free pink panty coupon today. BUT STILL MAD about not getting to use that other one. after i felt so bad about taking it too.

i don't want to take my senior picture T-T

today i finally got to touch the babies! their hair is so freaking soft it's insane. SO SOFT!!! and i made them stop crying. aww. by giving them pacifiers haha. and i helped one get a sponge bath. she had nice blond hair but while she was taking her bath she was all red and splotchy, so the blond hair looked really weird. and watched the nurse change her diaper =X it was not a pretty sight. i sort of never want to change a diaper. oh yeah, and i saw chris countless times today. ok actually i counted and it was 14. on the board his name was beside RT. does that stand for respiratory therapist? i even saw him on the 2nd floor where i work in the afternoons. which was very odd b/c i thought he was always on 3rd floor. anyway, i wouldn't have seen him if i didn't decide to go out and get a cup of coffee b/c it is so cold in the nicu. sometimes the parents are like "omg is my baby going to catch a cold" but they're pretty much always bundled up pretty tightly. plus those babies are really warm anyway. so cute =D and i stole a DNR sticker and stuck it on the back of my badge hehe. nobody's gonna see it though so i'm safe.

things i've accomplished this summer:
worked at kd
worked at hospital
watched a lot of dramas
read 3 parts of _crime & punishment_ with the wrong translation

so far i have watched:
Love Contract
1/2 Devil Beside You
2/3 Meteor Garden

Must finish:
1/2 Devil Beside You
1/3 Meteor Garden

May watch:
Meteor Rain
Meteor Garden 2 (are those different things?)
The Rose
Seventh Grade (if I can find it)

things i've yet to accomplish:
Read _Crime and Punishment_
Find a litcrit/ write precis
Read _The Poisonwood Bible_, litcrit
College applications
College essay
P.E. credit
Figure out how to use MS Access so I don't fail BCIS exam

i suck at being productive
i want to go shopping on sunday.


Blogger Chuan said...

oooh microsoft access )=

perhaps the most useless thing they teach you in bcis 'cause absolutely no one with brains in the business world uses it =|

*sigh* college is nigh

1:11 PM  

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