Wednesday, July 19, 2006

seals and crofts

july is dressed up!

haha i found out it's summer breeze that makes me feel fine. blowing through the jasmine in my mind!

adventures at kd today:
me, talking to one of the guys who's been working at kd for like 3 years: hey, you know lisa herrington?
him: yeah. why?
me: i remember the first time i came here, she told you you looked like an alien
him: WHAT? hahahha you were there?
me: yeah. i'm everywhere
other girl: she's omnipresent! ubiquitous! muahahha!
me: haha yeah

long pause

him: well YOU look like an alien!
me: uh yeah....maybe to an alien...
him: (thinks for like 5 seconds while i reminisce about alien eyelids, then starts laughing madly) hahahah that's the best comeback i've ever heard!!

-_______- anyway. that was pretty much the highlight of my day since there were like so many papers to file we could have built a rocket to the moon. not really, but maybe half that much. T-T but i broke down and got ice cream and chipotle. haha


Blogger SUNSHINE said...



= =
= =
= =


I hope that turns out okay in the comments.

hmm. oh yeah I actually got up this morning and took a walk outside. I was very very very sleepy...

1:44 PM  
Blogger SUNSHINE said...

damn. it didn't turn out right.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

wait... no amount of paper can = a rocket to the moon

unless it's paper money 0_o

8:16 PM  

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