Thursday, April 27, 2006


to my brother. =) who is so much taller than I am. =(

anyway, today was a preeeeetty horrible day. I could not stay awake last night so I stopped studying and slept at 3.30. that was without reading physics or doing the problem bank or the study guide and only glancing over bio.

then kerry calls me at 7.30 this morning and asks me for a ride to school. I was too sleepy to really formulate a response but I think I told him to call jackie. good thing because I fell asleep on the way to school and cars honked at me. oops.

apush boring as usual, bio was the test which I was supposed to finish thirty minutes before the bell so I could do my french homework (didn't happen; had to copy the last few from grace), spent french trying to cram as much french into my head as I could (which isn't much), spent lunch doing physics, spent english trying to do physics (and evan telling me every other minute to "calm down, sunshine. it was a really easy test. it was actually absurdly easy." which okay, yeah, but I hadn't read).

oh and this bears mentioning:
MY FIRST NINE ON AN ENGLISH TIMED WRITING. she even read mine out loud! granted, I didn't know it was mine when she read it... I can't believe I actually used similes and metaphors in my timed writing. even though I really screwed it up b/c I don't think hyenas eat carcasses... I think I was going for coyotes? wolves? I remember pondering that as I was writing that day. and I realized that all writing sounds a lot better when it's read out loud by the teacher.

umm... calculus. HAHA. wtf I hate logisitics. =__=

physics, retaaaaaaaaaarded. uh. yeah. I still hadn't really read. oops.

umm so I figured out that I have serious problems in confrontation. umm. yup. and I'm (hopefully) going to SMU this summer and researching! I get to get off at mockingbird station. =) WOW mockingbird station EVERY DAY! this is like a dream come true.

and tomorrow's the national merit meeting. I'LL MEET YOU BY THE PENIS, GRACE.
we better have gotten more qualifiers than west.



Blogger y said...

Stupid West. Not only do they steal all our Ivy admissions but NM qualifiers as well!

I refuse to believe they're better. Harumph.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

holy crap, stephen... what a beast!

trouble with confrontation... don't we all

have fun with your research (=

i wish i could be doing something that i might enjoy, but noooo... parents are forcing me into biology research at utsw =|

that, and SMU stands for Southern Methodist University 0_o

I so did not know that until this semester -__-

8:18 AM  

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