Thursday, April 27, 2006

jeff needs to die.

and that's not jeff yu. although every time i think of him, i think of becca payne's eff you jeff yu.

omg, mrs. stanton copied my essay for everyone to read and i was so embarrassed b/c i thought milan was a girl's name. =( and also i tried to write about the panopticon while knowing NOTHING ABOUT IT. but i wanted to have more than 2 points, so i started making stuff up about it. i couldn't even remember whose idea it was (foucault's). and also wrote about 1984 without remembering much.

umm i hate plants for life. except the ones that taste good. or smell good.

ditto to my brother, except with no exceptions.

hate x 100. maybe someday i'll scan the postsecret postcard that i made about him. or maybe i'll just mail it in.

i'm gonna go take a shower now.

i wish our blog had some green in it.


Blogger SUNSHINE said...

lol poor darling. except I have no idea what panopticon even is and um.... yeah. I just wrote about clinton. =__= as did like half my class.

you know what I wish.

I wish you started your story so I could read it right now instead of working on this damn transpiration lab. not to mention the plant journal.

add some green if you so desire.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Chuan said...

hehe, my hatred of plants started at 5:15pm yesterday evening -__-

up until then, i preferred plants infinitely to animals, but one of the stations had this ... i guess it was supposed to be pretty flower (which was a monocot...) but upon closer inspection every single part looked really nasty

now i hate plants and animals equally =|

cursed biology, ruining my experiences with life

8:23 AM  

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